Kim Potter

Kim Potter is a comedian, entertainer, DJ and MC, specialising in interactive character comedy and high skill circus shows. Kim is a one-of-a-kind performer who melds his spectacular skill set with hilarious, captivating and uniquely compelling characters, to present the highlight of an event and leave an audience buzzing.

Kim is best known for his comic character, superstar celebrity has-been “Vinyl Burns”. 

“Vinyl” is available as a self contained 30 - 60 minute comedy show, interactive mix n mingle icebreaker, character DJ or Comic MC, and often in multiple roles providing a sense of continuity throughout the event.

From Europe to Asia, the United States and at home in New Zealand, Kim will go pretty much anywhere to make you laugh, and succeed.

Flexibility is integral to Kim’s performance. He works for a diverse range of clients, and can thus tailor his show to different environments and expectations, to provide as much or as little as you require. His shows are all suitable for families, although they can be ‘spiced up’ for adult audiences.

Kim Potter is a dynamic, experienced entertainer who will work with you to create or adapt the perfect show for your audience.

Vinyl Burns Comedy Show

A character driven physical and verbal comedy show, building to a beautifully ridiculous slapstick finale, classic rock singalong on a tall unicycle.  Preceded by world class diabolo juggling, bottle balance and magic.

Vinyl Burns Icebreaker

An interactive, roving mix n mingle character acts as a catalyst to get strangers talking and the room buzzing.

A roving entertainer who connects.

Master Of Ceremonies

Benefit from Kim’s experience in focusing attention, building camaraderie, and insuring a memorable event, as he presents awards, introduces speakers, makes housekeeping announcements... all with natural grace and humour.

DJ Vinyl Burns

A DJ with excellent music and huge personality.

Vinyl Burns is an hilarious, exciting, vibrant DJ & music selector, with added benefit of comedy, character and charisma to pull the whole room into the fun.


"We hired DJ Vinyl Burns for our company’s 10th birthday celebrations. He was fantastically quick-witted, smooth-talking, and very charming! Vinyl Burns was very much at ease mixing and mingling with the crowd and kick-started our night on the right note – with a sense of humour, fun and a hint of the unexpected. Highly recommended!"

Rosie Alldridge

Star Now

"...a sure fire way of getting a smile on peoples faces... Your high energy act was lots of fun, a great combination of physical and verbal humor."

Craig Belcher

Datacraft NZ

"Kim is truly one of New Zealand's leading character comedians. Whether it on stage or on the street he delivers a unique and consistently professional performance."

Chris Morely-Hall

Gondwana Productions Ltd.

"We hired Kim Potter to compere the extremely busy ASB Gardens Magic Series (45,000 people over 22 nights) - Kim was a gem, responding to the ongoing critique necessary to tweak the show with humour and grace."

Craig Ireson

Wellington City Council - Summer City

"The wonderfully quirky character Vinyl Burns stimulated the WOW pre-show audience with fun and an enormous sense of humour. They weren't sure whether he was one of them or an entertainer - it was fantastic"

Gabrielle Hervey

World of WearableArt

"Far and away the best act we’ve had"

Bull Allen - MC

New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards

"Vinyl Burns was fantastic!! Engaging, Incredibly talented!, professional & amazing! Highly recommend him and we will be booking him for our event again!!"

Warren Maxwell - Huia Festival