Kevyn Male

Pioneer, survivor and stalwart of NZ main street retailing.

Kevyn Male was born and bred a country boy and gained valuable experience in retail during early childhood as a result of his parents owning and operating two country stores. After a short period with the teaching profession he decided in favour of a career in fashion retailing. “The Three Bears” was created and began trading on Broadway in 1966. This store was widely accepted as the ‘fashion landmark’ in Auckland during the 80’s, ’90’s and after 33 years in retail, Kevyn has never deviated from his chosen location of Broadway, Newmarket.

Early in 1989 he increased his retail portfolio by taking over the former Newmarket Post Office and transforming it into New Zealand’s biggest single stockist for Levi’s Jeans – Route 66 – the Ultimate Jean Store. The key to his success in the past 33 years has been his ability to remain completely flexible and always react quickly to the changing needs of the prime ingredient – the customer. His benchmark for the success of his stores has been based on two words – quality and service - and retailers who persist with formulas of the past will not succeed in the future. He believes that stores should be fun places, not aimed solely as a place to buy goods, and the prime ingredient for success is competent staff.

Now, retailers must pattern their thoughts and direction to the future. Market leaders today derive their success from environment, flexibility, innovation and design.

Author of the autobiographical "The Wheeler Dealer", Kevyn is an individualist and self-appointed voice of New Zealand's small trader. A former teacher, antique collector and rugby representative, Kevyn in 1999 published the “10 Commandments for Successful Retailers” by Penguin Books. This book contains the accumulated expertise of a lifetime spent wheeling and dealing in the retail world. – from planning to buying, advertising and selling, hiring and firing and keeping the customers happy. And don’t forget the golden rule – keep your eye on the bottom line.

Kevyn has been involved and very supportive in the formation of many “Mainstreet” organisations, especially in the provincial areas of Rotorua, Wanganui, Hastings Te Aroha and New Plymouth. He will undoubtedly inject innovation, enthusiasm and a renewed commitment to doing things well into any retailing sphere.

In 1986 Marketing Magazine described him as an extrovert, an individualist with a boisterous style, and an avowed opponent of petty bureaucracy. On a personal front he has strong interests in community affairs and the arts, namely sculpture, contemporary New Zealand paintings, architecture and literature. Kevyn is a hand on retailer who is straight to the point, entertaining, easy to follow and provides invaluable guidance for those wishing to improve turnover in their business. Kevyn provides a savvy approach to retailing from planning, customer service, advertising, and selling whilst forever growing and safeguarding the ‘bottom line’.


• Getting Your own House In Order First
• The Buying Function
• Advertising and Promotion.
• Targeting The Prime Ingredient – The customer
• Tools of the Trade
• Fundamentals for Success
• Your Business Environment – The Key Issues.
• Quality and Service