Karen Beard

Karen Beard is a specialist in 'Corporate Wellness”. Karen works with businesses, both locally and internationally, to improve their corporate performance by giving corporate individuals the tools to help them to achieve balance in their lives.

Achieving balance on an individual level, she contends, is the key to impacting the company’s bottom line and ensuring success.

Karen teaches Corporate Wellness via public speaking, seminars and personal consultation. She advocates balanced exercise, balanced eating patterns, stress management and integrated goal achievement as the essential keys to Corporate Wellness. Karen’s dynamic compassionate and insightful approach greatly contributes to the positive response to her programmes.

Karen trained in the United States with the American College of Sports Medicine and travels to the USA regularly to up-date on the latest in fitness and well-being education. She draws not only on her education but her extensive life experiences which include eleven years in the corporate environment as an air traffic controller, her life involvement in competitive sports and eight years in the fitness industry as an educator and personal trainer.

Her time in the fitness industry includes two years as Managing Director of a boutique fitness studio, prior to the launch of her own business Karen is past President of the National Speakers Association of New Zealand, a past lecturer at Auckland Institute of Technologies Department of Sport and Health Science, and writes regularly for company newsletters, business and health fitness magazines.

Clients who have used the services of the Karen have noticed positive benefits in the following areas: Stress relief, less sickness, increased productivity, reduced attrition of key personnel, more effective time management, increased energy and vitality, improved morale, increased creativity, increased motivation, enhanced well being, improved customer care, positive increase in the bottom line.

Karen Beard is a much sought after and well-informed speaker. Karen is also the author of several books and articles including “The Self Paced Wellness Manual”. It enables you and your people to work at their own pace and make positive and lasting working style and lifestyle changes.


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“How to juggle all your balls, and walk your talk without busting your boiler”.