Julia Hartley-Moore

Julia Hartley-Moore is New Zealand's best know private investigators and internationally regarded as an expert in Relationships, Infidelity and Human Nature.

Julia is the international best selling author of three books, 'Infidelity', 'Suddenly Single' and 'Julia Moore PI' which have been translated and sold around the world. Julia features regularly on television, radio and in print in New Zealand and Australia. Julia's company also offers a wide range of unique services such as locating Blood Parents and Missing Persons and a comprehensive range of Investigation Services including: GPS Vehicle Tracking, Computer Forensics, Mobile Phone Forensics, Covert Camera Surveillance, and Handwriting Analysis.

Julia Hartley Moore is New Zealand’s most recognized Private Investigator, male or female, despite having left school at 14 without formal education. One year after leaving school (15 years old) Julia had her first child and by the age of 16 had three children under the age of 1. By the age of 19 she was separated and divorced 2 years later. In the intervening years Julia raised her three daughters, married and divorced her second husband, worked as an in-house model.

A lack of formal education has not been an obstacle for Julia who in 2000 wrote her first book called ‘Julia Moore P.I.’. It was a great success and her second book ‘Infidelity’ was released in NZ and Asutralia in June 2004.

Julia is extremely well travelled having spent over 18 months travelling in Europe with spells in the USA, South America, Asia and Australia. Her life has produced a wide range of experiences including working for Mohammed Al Fayed at Harrod’s, travelling to more than 40 countries, working and living in the USA, Australia and the UK, an Equine Flight Attendant on horse planes to Hong Kong. These experiences have given her tremendous self-confidence and an ability to project her personality whether it is in the role of inspirational speaker or in front of the camera.

In 1995 and without any formal police background, Julia became the first woman to own a Private Investigation Company in New Zealand, and ten years on her highly successful business works internationally and in New Zealand with businesses and specialists in the fields of commercial, family court and criminal law. As a regular columnist for women’s magazines, Julia is sought after by the media for her expert advice on relationship and infidelity issues, which has led to numerous television appearances and as a panelist for two series of TVNZ’s ‘How’s Life”.

Julia has appeared on ‘Sunday’ (TV1), ‘Flipside’ (TV 2), Radio Pacific, The Edge, The Rock, Radio Rheema, ‘Good Morning’, and many more nationwide. She was the special guest at Whitcoulls event called ‘Food, Fasion & Infidelity’. Julie has also been on the front cover of ‘Woman Today’ and 4 page spreads in ‘Next’ magazine and Womans Day. Julie was guest speaker at the opening of the Christchurch Writers Festival. Her new book is the hottest ticket in town in both NZ and Australia.

Through her work as a Private Investigator and her undoubted life experiences Julia has gained immense knowledge on the subject of human nature, relationships and infidelity. A speaking engagement by Julia is unique in that her job is one that intrigues people like no other. She is controversial, inspirational, hard hitting, humourous, warm, elegant and approachable.


• Inspiration & Motivation
• “Can’t means Can”
• “Against the odds”
• Human Nature
• “A job that intrigues”