Jonar Nader

Technology and management provocateur. Jonar is a one-man troubleshooter who brings together a diverse range of skills, experience and talent.

Jonar Nader provides clients with the necessary tools to re-orientate their business practices by building on the fundamentals and linking technology with management. He defines his talents in three words, observation, memory and analysis.

Having worked in the fields of sales and marketing for over 18 years, Jonar was most recently IBM’s Consumer Manager for Asia Pacific South. As a “Level 61” he was responsible for all business aspects of the Consumer Division which under his leadership doubled its market-share and grew by 190% in a market that was only growing at 19% His current role at IBM is that of manager responsible for the Software Communications Strategy, and the Marketing Manager for E business for Australia and New Zealand. Prior to that he was the Sales and Marketing Director at Acer Computers Australia for 2.5 years – after spending 4.5 years in marketing roles at Compaq. He helped to establish Acer Software Pty Ltd for which he acted as General Manager and whilst at Acer was also responsible for general administration and for the security of physical and intellectual property. He also operated in the capacity of Director of Logistics Procurement and Production.

Jonar is a lecturer at tertiary institutions for the faculties of Management and Business Studies. He writes and conducts courses on leadership, management, advertising and marketing. For over 9 years he has presented his courses at local universities, colleges, as well as in-company training programme. Jonar is also a professional public speaker who manages to re-arrange the audience’s molecules on subjects relation to technology, leadership, management, advertising and politics.

He has worked in the publishing industry since 1986 in various roles including those of author, journalist, sub-editor and editor He has edited and written for international lifestyle, fashion, advertising and Formula One car racing magazines and written an 800-page book called “Prentice Halls Illustrated Dictionary of Computing” which is selling worldwide. He was also the 1997 technology writer for Butterworths 1344 page Legal Dictionary, and the author of a management book. He was also the technical editor for the Consumers Association publication called "How to buy a computer"“ In his spare time he works on his feature film.

As a member of the information Technology Sub-Committee for Standards Australia Jonar has written standards for Software Development and System Documentation. For 2 years he held the post of President of the Australian Information Technology Society and is now their Manager for Technology. Other posts included Vice-President and Manager of Communications.

Jonar co-founded the New Leaders’ Forum serving for six years. He was also a member of the steering-committee of the New Leaders’ Foundation. Jonar has been guest lecturere at several organisations and institutions around the world including the University of Singapore where he lectured on “brining up children the computer way”. He organizes debates and is also an award winning debater himself, arguing cases for censorship, security, customer service and technology in education.

In 1995 Jonar was the recipient of the International Gibran Award for his contribution to technology. He received the 1997 LEILA Technology Award. Jonar is the author of several books, including “How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People” and ‘How to Lose Friends and Infuriate Your Boss’ and ‘How to Lose friends and Infuriate Thinkers’.


• Management and Leadership
• Sales, Branding and Marketing
• Technology and the Future
• Terrorism, Fraud and Security