John Haines

Speaker on relaxation, nutrition and communication

For the past nine years John Haines has assisted many people from all walks of life—from singers and entertainers to teachers and business owners to enhance their communication skills.

He has fine tuned his own communication skills over the years and is an accomplished radio interview host (with internet listeners all over the world), author, inspirational speaker and educator. A modern day renaissance man he’s a singer/songwriter, experienced organic gardener and MC. In addition to his work with voice and communication, John teaches nutrition and organic gardening skills. John’s personal story is inspiring. Twice in his life he’s battled back from spinal meningitis and he has completely overcome lifelong chronic eczema and hay fever through diet and lifestyle changes. Born and raised in Ontario, Canada he has lived and worked in Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, New Mexico and Arizona. In New Mexico he developed a 30 acre high desert permacultural property that ultimately received visitors from across America and around the world. In Golden Bay he converted a 7 hectare subtropical orchard to organic BioGro standards. In the Far North he and his wife developed a healing retreat centre still in operation today. Equipped with Bachelor of Commerce and MBA degrees, he worked in a series of management positions with Bell Canada before working as an advisor to Saudi Telecom (with Bell Canada International). His planned six month around-the-world tour turned into a three year backpacking odyssey. A high jacking and a couple of near death experiences later, his previous dreams of becoming a millionaire by the time he was thirty and a vice president with Bell Canada morphed into a desire to more deeply experience life and the natural world. The almost bizarre series of coincidences that led him through the wilds of Papua New Guinea and eleven months in the Himalayas ultimately carried him and his Dutch wife Lucia to their life of practical self sufficiency in New Mexico. There John experimented with solar power and simple solar technology for cooking, food drying and water distillation. Their desert garden’s output was enough to supply an organic restaurant with vegetables and a Santa Fe eco store with worms.

In addition to speaking engagements, John is available for seminars, individual and group sessions on relaxation, nutrition and communication.


• Finding true purpose and the courage and conviction to pursue it against all odds
• Passion and compassion in the workplace and life and the lasting success and prosperity that entails
• The synchronicity of meaningful action
• Cooperation—the new paradigm
• Health—simple solutions through nutrition and natural means
• Master of Ceremonies