Jolene Brown

Laugh while you learn with Jolene Brown.

Laughter and Learning. Audiences are uplifted with laughter as they experience the insightful wisdom, researched information and genuine caring from Jolene Brown

As a professional speaker, Jolene is an honoured recipient of the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) award. She's made numerous guest appearances for television and radio broadcasts and her work has been featured in several major publications.

Jolene lives on a farm near West Branch, Iowa. She is an avid supporter of community and church activities. Her real life stories have been gathered from every day life and shared with people throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia.

“The Top Ten Stupid Things Families Do To Break Up Their Business” has great value for families in business, and for all businesses with multiple employees. Because it covers expansion, succession, communication, accountability and sound decision-making, the contents purpose is to increase productivity, profitability and positive relationships. By doing so, loyalty of employees, love of family and success in the business can grow.

Whether it's for keynotes, concurrent sessions, training seminars or partner programs, she will work with you to make your event successful. From friendly greeting to final farewell, Jolene Brown will exceed your expectations. Audiences are uplifted with laughter as they experience the wisdom, researched information and genuine caring from Jolene.

Jolene is based in the US but is a regular visitor to New Zealand.


Topics:o ‘Who’s Hiding the Humour?’ o ‘The Celebration of Change’o ‘Wrinkles of Wit and Wisdom’o ‘It’s a Jungle Out There!’ o ‘Heroes Among Us’

• The 10 top stupid things families do to break up their business
• ‘Generations at Work…or at War’
• ‘Stepping Out: Non-traditional Leadership Skills’
• ‘The Sequoia System: A Unique Look at Working in Unison’
• ‘Through the Eyes of a Customer’
• ‘Write a Little, Say a Lot’
• ‘The Confident Woman’