Graeme Sinclair

Best known for presenting "Gone Fishin'" since 1993.

Graeme has faced and won some big challenges. Graeme is now in a wheelchair but is still producing television programmes. A really nice guy with fascinating stories of fishing, bear hunting etc

Graeme Sinclair’s story is amazing! Since 1993 he has been on TV3 with his programme “Gone Fishin”. Graeme has a very diverse and interesting background. He majored in Physical Education at Teachers Training College. He later joined a pharmaceutical company where he moved from sales representative to National Sales Manager before setting up a partnership handling advertising accounts for several pharmaceutical companies. He began organising and guiding white water rafting trips, for hunters, divers and fishermen. He later established a company specialising in the development of outdoor management and team building courses and incentive outdoor and leisure programmes. He planned and led expeditions to Fiordland, Marlborough Sounds and Three Kings Island to hunt, dive and fish as well as research subjects of historical significance.

Then in 1993, after numerous TV appearances, writing various articles for outdoor publications in NZ & Australia, Graeme purchased an interest in a TV production company and fronted the first series of ‘Gone Fishin’. A year later he formed Frontier Television; and became producer, director, and underwater cameraman for 26 Gone Fishin’ episodes, and an Inside NZ documentary titled “Fiordland – Coastline of Adventure”.

In 1997 Graeme was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He also produced his 6th series of Gone Fishin’ and became TV3’s weatherman in Feb 1998. After 18 years on TV3 with his programme Gone Fishin’, Graeme has become one of NZ’s most popular personalities.

As well as living his passion Graeme is also a very successful author. Since his first book “New Zealand - A Wild Place to Play” published in 1993”, he went on to write an extensive range of fishing stories; several cookbooks; and more recently his 9th book encapsulating his own story in a biographical style.

His 2007 Antarctic Encounters documentary about the rare capture of the colossal squid inspired interest both here and from overseas. In 2009 he was appointed by Her Majesty the Queen and awarded as a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM) for his services towards television.

Because of Graeme’s passion for life in the face of a debilitating illness that would daunt most people out of action, his story is one of inspiration and motivation. In his own way Graeme covers material on living every day as though it was your last. He speaks to many business groups on a positive level about attitude, change, teamwork (essential for fishing) and the power of the human spirit, inspiring audiences wherever he goes.

To this day Graeme lives a very demanding and full life continually finding ways to keep enjoying all his interests, particularly in the outdoors.  From his wheelchair, he continues to produce the Gone Fishin’ series, and is constantly exploring and creating new opportunities along the way. He has very strong views on life and you will be inspired by his personal philosophy.

In 2016, Graeme completed his 23rd series of the ever popular TV show “Gone Fishin'”, whilst working on a new series called “Ocean Bounty” which recently screened as Series 1 comprising 13 shows.

For 3 years he was Ambassador of the Auckland Seafood Festival alongside "Masterchef"  Winner Brett McGregor.  He has also had an Ambassador role for over 20 years with NZ Bluelight Police, which includes up to 8 annual kids fishing days travelling nationally to support local Police Bluelight representatives with their communities.


• Motivation/ Inspiration
• Teamwork
• The Power of the Human Spirit
• After Dinner


‘Very popular with the delegates. We were lucky that he spent more time with us so people got to talk to him personally’ Registered Master Builders

“Excellent. Graeme’s speech was both informative and entertaining. Graeme was the closing speaker for the conference and had one of the hardest speaking slots after a two day conference. However, Graeme managed to gauge the audience and provided some well needed and deserved laughter”. NZ Seafood Industry Council

"I would like to thank you both for coming to Rydges last week to speak to our group.  WOW!  What a great talk, and I have to say Graeme, you received a spectacular 100% feedback score (we do out of 5 and you got all 5’s).  Only one other guest speaker has received this out of tons that we have organised over the years, so you should be feeling pretty chuffed about that".  The Breakthrough Company