Brian Childs

Brian Childs is a Wellington based Elvis Entertainer

Brian entered his first “Stars in your Eyes” competition in 1992 in Wellington which he won, In 1993 he entered another “Stars in your Eyes” Competition which he was fortunate enough to win also. In 1995 this led Brian to go to Rotorua and enter the “Search for Australasia’s Best Elvis Impersonator”. His dreams all came true, Brian won the competition and was soon on his way to Memphis, Tennessee to see the home of Elvis Presley, Gracelands.

Brian first got into Elvis when his brother bought two Elvis records. From there his fascination with Elvis Presley really grew and every birthday and Christmas his family would buy an Elvis related present for him.

He has been interviewed on all television channels in New Zealand and once via satellite from Las Vegas. Brian has performed at countless functions around New Zealand and Australia, the biggest show so far in Auckland for 300,000 people. He has also performed for many private functions from weddings to parties, keeping the memory of the King and his music alive ….. FOREVER ELVIS!!!

For a conference the audience will never forget - have an evening with ELVIS!

The lights dim and the entrance song begins the “Theme from 2001”. The sound of the introduction will send a shiver down your spine….then in a flash of light he bounds onto stage, clothed in brilliant white with rhinestones sparkling, reflecting every ounce of light that dare shine upon him, a gold cape outstretched soaking up the light. Proud Mary he hollers.

Picture the scene: - the evening has gone well….dinner nears completion…speeches have finished….ready for the surprise act….

A thunderous roar is heard outside the ballroom. Spotlights search, eager to pin-point the disturbance. Doors open, the roar gets louder, the beam of a headlight cuts its way through the darkness and enters a Harley Davidson motorcycle. The Harley stops and a lone figure alights, dressed in a highly polished black leather jumpsuit, looking leaner and meaner than ever before. The crowd is taken back 30 years.. He crosses the stage, straddles the mike, rocks gently, turns and growls, just fooling around a little, then he lets rip…the crown go wild as he goes into Jailhouse Rock, Blue Suede Shoes, Heartbreak Hotel and Hound Dog before slowing down with a swooning ballad.

This will truly be a night they will never forget.