Cynthia Morton

Amazing speaker who talks on addictions in such an inspiring way she has been awarded Pride of Australia Medal, Australian of the Year Award, Prime Ministers Award of Excellence and an Award of Distinction for Services to Humanity.

Cynthia Morton describes herself as "a recovering addict and victim of abuse". Her experiences and journey of recovery have led her to develop ways of dealing with the demons from her past. Her methods have been so successful that her doctor, therapist and friends encouraged her to write a book designed to help others who may need "a helping hand with life".

As a young child, Cynthia was sexually abused by both her father and a paedophile neighbour who was her babysitter. She left school at age 14, has no formal education, is dyslexic, lived homeless for periods of time in her teens.

Over the next 19 years she became addicted to alcohol and drugs and battled an obsession with food, diet pills and laxatives. Cynthia seriously contemplated suicide in her early 30s, but instead mustered the courage to call a help line. After undergoing psychiatric treatment to deal with post traumatic stress disorder, Cynthia discovered some previously hidden talents. Despite having no formal education, she turned to writing as a way of easing her pain. She has recovered from 19 years of active drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders and a childhood damaged by years of sexual abuse and domestic violence. That's how her book ‘A Helping Hand with Life’ came about. It's designed to help others who may have suffered abuse or addiction. Cynthia J. Morton, who is a married woman and mother of two teenage sons self published “A Helping Hand with Life” in May 2000, followed by Emotional Fitness.

In April 2002 Cynthia’s Emotional Fitness program was piloted in Brisbane and conducted as a free community service then made into a 10-minute film documentary. This project was supported by the Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Intravenous Aids Association and has now become an award-winning documentary.

Cynthia is an inspirational role model for those who have suffered abuse. Having suffered abuse herself, she has now turned around her life to help others who are in need. Cynthia manages Australia’s first Emotional Gym in Brisbane, which is a free community service. She also works with the Royal Brisbane Hospital and correction institutions to encourage people to strive for emotional health. Cynthia’s proudest achievement is the tireless work she does as an ambassador the ‘Kids First Foundation’, Australia’s first and only charity providing services for abused children and their families. Cynthia’s generous spirit has shone and she now works passionately to help those in need. This strong and courageous woman survived and now dedicates her time to ensure that others in recovery are supported.

Cynthia currently travels Australia in demand as a public speaker as well as working on future publications and exhibiting her works in art shows. Her poetry and artwork support a free crisis line.



• Keynote “Beyond Rehab .. Emotional Fitness Peer Support”


“Cynthia is one of the most moving and talented speakers I have interviewed in more than 20 years as a journalist” ABC Radio Journalist – Deirdre Williams.
“It was a great privilege to hear you speak at Parliament House, your inspirational story moved us deeply and we have all benefited from your openness” Mission Australia – Aaron Henricksen.
“Brilliant, Marvellous, Great Speaker, Entertaining, Excellent Motivator, Exceeded my expectations” Queensland Writers Centre – Hilary Beaton.
“Powerful and moving” Lord Mayor of Brisbane – cr Jim Soorley
“I admire her work” Royal Brisbane Hospital – Catherine O’dwyer
“A presentation of a highly professional standard” The Pharmacy Guild of Australia – Rebecca Latiff
“Cynthia has a strong personal commitment and passion, tremendous effort” Family Drug Support – Debra Sands
“Her holistic approach, professional attitude and excellent content is what most impresses me” Queensland Health – Dean Trevaskis
“I recommend her work as an excellent resource” Australian Medical Association (Qld) – Dr Beres Wenck
“Heart warming, deeply touching, motivating and inspirational” Playgroup Queensland – Mark Brooke
“Cynthia’s story is an incredible one”. Ing Life