Cyndi O'Meara

Cyndi inspires and encourages people to create new, simple, achievable, habits to get the life and health they want. To have an extraordinary life is merely a matter of changing habits, habits that very few people practise, but everyone can do.

Learn from Cyndi O’Meara, best selling author of the book series Changing Habits and international presenter, on how to simply achieve your ‘Dream Lifestyle’ Cyndi is a life changer. She hasn’t won an Olympic medal or climbed a mountain, she is an everyday Australian wife and mother who has achieved a healthy, wealthy, happy life.

Those who get more done in less time get more out of life…more reward, more success and more free time to pursue their dreams and enjoy themselves. The quality of your life is largely determined by the quality of your life balance and time management. You don’t have to be cold and calculating to be well organised and have time for more then just work. Time mastery and life balance does not mean letting the clock rule your life. In fact the very opposite is true; time mastery gives you the absolute freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it and that equates to a magical work-life balance.

Cyndi O’Meara is renowned for changing people’s lives she will teach you a system of principles that will make your every moment more efficient, your life and work less stressful, your mind more focused, your relationships at home and work more easy and your physical body, stronger and able to do more. Cyndi breathes new life into her audiences with her enlightening perspective, humorous observations of life, and practical action steps to help find a work - life balance. Her words of wisdom empower and excite minds, and inspire people into action.

As a presenter Cyndi will work with you to tailor a topic relevant to your team for a less stressful work environment and a life that is more balanced. She always adds value to any conference she is invited to speak at.
Cyndi has a Bachelor of Science, specializing in the human body and psyche; she studied at Deakin University, Australia and at the University of Colorado USA. She writes regularly for magazines and newspapers and has presented on numerous lifestyle television and radio shows. She presents 25 second life health tips on Australian Network Radio, nationally. Her books and audios from the Changing Habits series have been best sellers throughout Australia and are translated into several other languages. Cyndi was named one of Australia’s business women of the year in 2003. She is the epitome of balanced living.
Healthy Wealthy Happy and Wise

The Great Australasian Dream Lifestyle
Isn’t that what we all want, balance in our lives with family, love, money and health?

Enjoy this popular, lively, presenter who will educate, challenge and inspire you to think differently and act differently and who will help you to rediscover the necessary skills and habits to not only improve your health but your relationships and financial wellbeing.

Cyndi’s infectiously, enthusiastic presentation will make you laugh, but more importantly it has the potential to change your life!



Changing Habits Changing Lives - How to avoid burnout by having heaps of energy at your fingertips, through positive lifestyle choices. This Is a session about how to eat better not just for a week but for a lifetime.

Changing Habits Empowering Lives - Steps to living an extraordinary life, by improving relationships, health, money and purpose of life. It’s all about finding more clarity and stability in your life.

Changing Habits to Live an Extraordinary Life - People do not decide to be extraordinary but rather to achieve extraordinary things, learn how to find the energy and inspiration in order to live an extraordinary life by achieving extraordinary things

Changing Habits Changing Lanes - Do the things you have always dreamed to do, travel, play and have fun, this session shows the keys to doing what you want to do and not what you have to do.

Changing Habits Improving Immunity - an in depth look at the human immune system and how to improve it through informed lifestyle choices.

Changing Habits Creating Healthy Children – a practical session to giving children the best start in life, in all aspects of their life, not only focusing on health, but life skills to make them live extraordinary lives

“The best medicine of all, is to teach people not to need any”


“I was actually going to walk out when the speaker got up at dinner, but you didn’t give me a chance. I absolutely loved your presentation, you were entertaining whilst delivering life changing lessons and thought provoking messages”
TAFE Queensland
“I’ve had a quick look through the summit evaluation sheets and the words “awesome“, “vibrant”, “amazing” are just a few of the words used to describe your presentation”.

Commonwealth Bank
“I laughed so hard and learnt so much at your presentation. You made it all sound so simple. I’ve started my first habit change, my life has changed, I will be extraordinary.”

Amcal Pharmacy Assistants
Thank you Thank you Thank you, I needed that boot up the bum, everyone should hear your message, you are a life changer.