Craig Rispin

Craig Rispin a business futurist, trends tracker and technology guru.

From age 10 he began teaching business people about the trends and technology that would change their businesses...and lives...forever!

With an innate ability to spot trends and to create new markets, Craig went on to design and launch hundreds of products for major companies in the computer, consumer electronics, multimedia, Internet and broadcast industries.
He has addressed audiences ranging from 30 to 3000 on 4 continents and has been featured on TV and radio. Now an expert speaker and business strategy consultant – Craig helps his customers understand and prepare for “The Next Big Thing”.
Whatever the group, Craig’s audience gain a unique insight into how the future and technology will impact their business and lives. One of the things that make Craig different from other information technology experts is that he makes technology easy to understand and use. Naturally he uses the latest technology when he takes the platform.
A presenter at the coalface of information technology breakthrough, Craig continues to assist many organisations through his own consultancy. Most recently serving as Project Manager on several of the Australian Federal Government’s multimedia projects. Seeking his expertise, he is also called upon by television and radio to present new technologies.

Craig customised every presentation is specifically for each client, basing it on current online research & future trends. He uses the latest multimedia technology on stage, including interactive video, animation and sound. Attendees receive great takeaway value - information they can understand easily and apply immediately


¨ The Future of Business Exposed! The major trends impacting your industry – and strategies to profit from them.
¨ Fast Forward Your Business - How To Leave Your Competition in the Past. The latest trends in strategic planning, empowering your workforce, and making the right technology investments.
¨ Technology Isn’t a Toy – It’s a Weapon. Learn how technology ‘toys’ are being used by major corporations as secret weapons
¨ Marketing Technology Trends. Learn how the hottest new marketing technologies – and some that are just around the corner.

¨ Technology to boost your business
¨ Demographic Shifts
¨ Sales Force Automation
¨ Technology Explosion
¨ Database Management & Marketing
¨ Molecular Engineering
¨ Interactive Presentations
¨ Internet and Online Services
¨ Virtual Office Technology
¨ Future Trends and their impact on business
¨ The Increasing rate of change
¨ The New Consumer
¨ Using Technology to Empower Your Teams
¨ Decentralised Teams: Centralised Success
¨ Rapid Change Management