Clive Littin

Specialist in time management, focus and avoiding procrastination

Clive began his career as a Catholic Priest before holding specialist positions in broadcasting, youth leadership training and training young adults in human resources and communication skills.

In the 80’s he was approached by various small businesses looking for motivational input and communication skills and he set up his own Life Counselling practice and studied in the United States of America to become an accredited Primal Therapist. He ran his own Centre for several years offering counselling, therapy and training.

In 1986 TVNZ filmed and screened a one-hour documentary about Clive and his work. He also worked part-time as a Radio talk-back host in a network programme going to 34 radio stations throughout New Zealand. He won several awards as host of this programme – the “Reflecting On” series. Clive has also worked in Real Estate and Market research to gain marketing knowledge and skills to add to his list of Diplomas.

In the past few years he has been presenting various workshops and interactive training to small business personnel. He has designed a formula for focused goal setting that he claims has withstood the test of thirty years of teaching.

Today Clive presents himself as a Life Coach. He offers personal and small businesses, motivation, goal setting and strategic planning. “Life is managed - not cured” Clive claims. He approaches all his work this way: “Everything I offer must by enjoyable, educational, empowering and easy!” he says.

The most common problem he encounters in his work is procrastination. He describes this as an “epidemic” and points to a serious need for personal coaching. His coaching focuses on living deliberately and personal accountability.


• Focused Goal Setting
• “Using your thinking to get what you really want”
• “Dreams, wishes or real goals?”
• “Getting a Life – Do you live deliberately or by default?”
• “How to say “goodbye” to Procrastination”
• “Beating the Monday Blues – How to Inspire Yourself”