Stilt Walkers, Jugglers and Pyrotechnics

Stilt walkers, clowns, unicyclists and pyrotechnicians

If you are looking for something really differnt in terms of entertainment, check our these guys. They are fantastic stilt walkers, clowns, unicyclists and pyrotechnicians

If you are looking for a SPFX production company exploring the future of light, pyro & cirque by creating grandiose and beautiful performance, look no further. Chris has 15 years stage and event production experience as well as touring with the Russian Ice stars in the stage show - Cirque De
Glace, UK.

They are available for brand launchʼs, corporate functions, christmas partyʼs and bespoke event entertainment design.

Key Services Include:
-Cirque performers for events
-Themed entertainment and costume manufacture
- SPFX design and manufacture
- Stage management & event production
- Event & touring technicians