Charles Kovess

Charles' message is straightforward. Passion generates energy and energy generates productivity. However, he believes the majority of business leaders still don’t understand the concept, don’t know how to harness it and are personally not passionate.

Australia’s Passion Provocateur, based in Melbourne Charles is the author of books, “Passionate People Produce”, and “Passionate Performance”. Based in Melbourne, Charles says, “throughout the world, there’s a heightened awareness of the power of passion in business”. He has been pushing the power of passion since leaving his law practice in 1993 to becoming Australia’s self styled passion provocateur.

Charles has been a director of both public and private companies which has given him business experience in fields as diverse as hotels and motels, tourism facilities, restaurants, oil, gas and gold exploration, manufacturing, primary production exports, media, both print and video, and timber milling. He has also advised a number of Australian organisations on international expansion opportunities in Hungary and Central Europe.
After practising law successfully for 20 years, Charles left the law in June 1993 to pursue his passion for increasing passion! He believes that bringing out the unique and extraordinary capacities of individuals, by accessing and harnessing their passion, is the fundamental key to business success in these changing and challenging times.

Charles is a successful businessman, team leader, and public speaker. He uses these extensive and complementary skills in a dynamic and passionate way to facilitate powerful learnings. He is a charismatic, high-energy speaker and facilitator, who inspires through his passion for life, and builds teams based on integrity, trust, and commitment.

Charles values are as follows:

1. Retaining existing customers is 6 times cheaper than finding new ones. We help build great customer relationships, by improving the extent to which employees feel cared for by their employer. When employees feel cared for, they care for customers, which increases the chances of keeping them as customers!

2. Passion and productivity go hand in hand. Energy is linked to productivity. We can improve the energy levels. A low 10% increase in productivity can mean reducing a workforce of 100 by 10 of those who are not passionate, with no complaints about increased workloads for those who stay!

3. Sales results are improved by passionate employees. A low 10% increase in sales will significantly increase an organisation’s earnings. We have impacted on organisations to a much greater extent than 10%!

4. Stress is increasing in the workplace and generally. Stress can lead to increased likelihood of depression. We help you reduce stress in the organisation. The benefits are varied, and include increased energy, less conflict, improved innovation and creativity.

5. Innovation and creativity are key success factors in the fast-paced and rapidly changing 21st Century business environment. Great teams with lots of passion and energy can access these sources of success. What is the value of one great idea?

6. Absenteeism and poor health impact on success. We increase awareness of the need for mental, phoneysical, and spiritual wellbeing in business, leading to reduced absenteeism, better health, more fun, and higher energy.

7. Preventing one valuable team member from leaving your organisation is worth 240% of his or her annual salary. We help you to reduce your chances of losing good people.