Charles Drace

Investment and property consultant and author of several books

Charles draws interesting parallels between the booms of the Renaissance and the industrial revolution and the emerging investment themes of today. He is a very interesting person and very involved with the effects of technology on all aspects of our future

Charles has over 20 years experience in the investment business, is a past member of the Life Insurance Industry’s Ethics committee, past Chairman of the Life Insurance Managers Association of NZ and the Institute of Management. He has also played leading roles in several civic community and charity organisations and is a frequent speaker at service clubs, investment groups and retirement seminars.

Charles is a pioneer in the personal investing educational field. He designed the curriculum for the “Money Workshop” and “Making More Money” series of investment courses that have been used by Universities throughout New Zealand. Charles has consulted with Government departments and corporates on redundancy investment counselling. He teaches investment courses for several adult education programmes as well as the New Zealand Institute of Management. He also designed an Apple MacIntosh based computer financial planning and monitoring programme and is currently developing an Internet financial planning multi-media programme. Charles is a Certified Financial Planner, an international qualification and a member of the Investment Advisers and Financial Planners Association. He was one of the first Financial Planners in New Zealand to attain ‘registered’ status in the International Association of Financial Planners. His services to the personal investing industry and the community have been recognised by an inclusion in the “Who’s Who in the World” as well as similar publications in England, America and the Asia Pacific.

Charles features on radio and is a frequent contributor to newspapers and industry publications on topics related to investing. He has recently written “Seven Steps to Financial Security” and a new investment course entitled “Investing in the 21st Century Renaissance” which takes a walk through history to draw parallels between the economic booms of the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution and the emerging investment themes of today. He has written several reports including - “Seven Steps to Financial Freedom”, How to Double your Energy in 30 days,” “Survival Guide for Real Estate Agents”, and “How Practically Anyone Can Become a Millionaire”.

This Century will be more profitable than even the Renaissance and the industrial Revolution. More profits will be made than in all of our history put together. World share markets are overvalued more than they were in 1929 and 1987. They must correct and historically this leads to an epidemic of bankruptcies and worldwide recession. Oil prices have risen 300% in the last year. Historically this also causes worldwide recession. Is your business prepared for this? We are entering a new period with challenges to our political systems, our economic systems, free trade, the role of companies and individuals in society, our environment etc. Information and rapid scientific and economic development means new rules for this new Century will need to be written and continually re-written.


• “Year of Crisis or Opportunity or Both”
• Investment
• Technology, nano-technology, robotics etc. - Future Company Organisation
• Where to Invest to capture this surge in economic growth, which will bypass many,
industries while others grow at phenomenal rates.
• The effects of the Internet on trade, knowledge, lifestyles, company organisation,
marketing, sales, advertising etc.
• The Death of Inflation
• How to stay alive for 120 years - Health in the 21st Century
• The Ageing Population - Guidelines for living in Retirement in the 21st Century
• The Changing Face of Education and business involvement in education.