Siimon Reynolds

Simon is an advertising guru and self made millionaire who was featured on Channel 9 as one of Australia’s youngest successful business people. Siimon has won almost every major advertising award in the world for creative thinking and was previously the Executive Director of John Singleton Advertising. Simon presents the four character traits of all successful business people and has recently completed writing his fourth book.

Siimon Reynolds is one of the most well known and respected names in marketing. He won his first award for advertising while still at school. At just 21, Siimon was appointed Creative Director of Grey Ltd. (He was around 15 years younger than the average Creative Director.) In age 23 he co-founded OMON Ltd which in the four years he was there, won Agency of the Year twice. In 1989 OMON opened in New York and was soon voted one of New York’s 5 most creative new agencies, by the New York Times. It’s clients included Toyota, Phillip Morris and the Trump Organisation.
In 1993 Siimon opened Andromeda, which within 2 years won the highest advertising award in the world, the Grand Prix at Cannes. Andromeda was then bought by John Singleton (Australia’s only publicly listed advertising agency) where Siimon was appointed Executive Director, and board member.
In 1996 Siimon bought half of VCD, which within one year grew by 500% and won 1997 Advertising Agency of The Year. Siimon is a winner of the International Advertising Association Scholarship and NSW Young Achiever of The Year, career section. He is the only Australian to have won Newspaper Ad of The Year, TV Commercial of The Year and Magazine Ad of The Year. He has lectured nationally on advertising to over 30,000 business people, and is a successful author in seven countries. He is a multimillionaire with major interests in gaming, toxic waste management, medical clinics and advertising.
The reasons why Siimon is making such an impact – “He is not just entertaining he is life changing”.
1. He’s actually done what he talks about. He’s made it to the top and so can give real guidance to others on how they too can maximise their performance.
2. He’s passionate and energetic. People don’t learn much when they’re asleep. Siimon makes sure every speech he gives is upbeat, humorous and powerful.
3. He’s totally professional. He will tailor his speech to suit your individual requirements.
4. He’s experienced. Siimon has spoken in over 40 cities and to over 50,000 Australians.
5. He offers a money back guarantee. Siimon is so confident he’ll deliver a great speech, he offers to refund his fee if you’re not completely satisfied with his performance.


• The 4 Characteristics of all Successful People.
• You are Greater Than You think
• The Act of Presently Superbly
• Great Marketing – What the Experts Know
• The Secrets of Building a Mighty Brand
• Powerful Advertising on a Small Budget