Ron Lee - CSP

Ron Lee is “The Corporate Ninja”.

He is a motivational humorist, keynote speaker and executive trainer. He speaks at conferences, trains management up to Executive and Non-executive Chair level, and consults to executives and sports people globally. 

Ron studied at the NIDA, where Cate Blanchett, Sam Worthington and Mel Gibson also trained, and still occasionally acts professionally.

For nine years, Ron was a regularly-invited lecturer in Communication to final year undergraduates at the University of New South Wales.  As a dare in 1986, Ron appeared on a television programme, “Star Search”, performing stand-up comedy, and appeared on four shows. After a couple of weekend spots at The Comedy Store, he started speaking exclusively at corporate events.

Acting, comedy, and 30 years and eight forms of martial arts, gives Ron credentials to speak on personal power. He has also addressed academic audiences, one of which was a surgeons’ conference on “The Role of The Mind & The Spirit in Healing” and “Metaphysics in Relation to Science & Medicine”. That presentation was publicly validated and endorsed by a Professor of Surgery.

All of Ron’s presentations are high-impact, interactive, fun and memorable experiences that stay with people for years.

Ron recently trained a woman to five world championships in her Olympic sport, and through using his philosophies and methods, his clients have effortlessly surpassed their business, private and sporting personal bests.

Ron pinpoints personal power messages to focus on specifics such as sales, leadership, organisational change, empowerment and teams.

He performs hoax keynote presentations as well as genuine ones.  A fine actor and performer, Ron has been using his talents to fool audiences for many years with using his talents to convince audiences that he is someone he isn’t.

As well as corporate and hoax presentations, Ron conducts Master Classes in Empowerment and Presentation Skills.

* CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) is the highest international speaker designation and is acknowledged and awarded by the eleven professional speaking associations globally.


Ron Lee talks about ...

As Dr Takashi Kinoshita, chairman of the Kinoshita Nippon Corporation, Ron presents the perfect hoax, before transforming himself into Wayne Farrell – a yuppie, now a fitter and turner of limited cultural awareness.

Conducting Zen Power workshops, Ron Lee shows audiences how to tap into their energy reserves, effortlessly cope with the unexpected, increase their abilities of perception and expression, and dramatically reduce stress levels.

Presenting corporate Ninja Trivia Nights, Ron Lee helps promote a team attitude within organisations while providing an evening of entertainment and fun.



Oh Ron, you are such a nice man, thank you SO much. I’ve just returned from another interstate trip to find your card on my desk. What a great way to start a day! The course was absolutely fantastic, I’ve spread the word to some of my CPM colleagues as well as here at AGL. But most importantly, I HAVE come away with more confidence and (sounds corny I know) a “can do attitude”. I addressed a group of colleagues yesterday, still quite a bit of flutter, but they all commented on what a good session it had been, so that’s thanks to you and the rest of the group. Wasn’t it a great group? Everyone was so different, yet we all had similar issues. Great that you’re running another session in October, I’ve passed on that info to everyone who has expressed an interest in attending. Thanks again Ron, you’re inspiring! And yes, I know you know that, but I just want to reiterate it!”  Gillian Smailes – Channels Manager Field Sales, AGL

“Thank you so much for the Presentation Skills Workshop – it was the most amazing seminar / workshop that I have ever attended. Despite the Leonie Comfort Zone gap, I got so much from just one short day. It is almost a week later and I am still constantly thinking back and learning from the day. It was about so much more than presentation skills. Your ability to teach and your insistence on us “getting it” was just great. Your wisdom, passion and purpose are phenomenal. One day I will never forget – thank you.”  Leonie Hough – Director, Water Treatment Services

“I derived the most benefit from understanding that we are unique and that’s OK. Mostly enjoyed the focussing and other people’s presentations and feeling absolutely fabulous when everyone enjoyed my presentation. What did I like about Ron’s technique? Everything – very relaxed style. I felt at ease from the beginning. I will now deliver according to who I am. I will not be as concerned about what I think the audience is expecting. Loved the day. I know I will be more effective because of it. Rating : Excellent.”  Jennifer Santoro – Training Manager, HCF