Taryn Banks

Taryn Banks is NZ's foremost female Impersonator. Buckle Your Seat Belts, meet the Mistress of Disguise – the multitalented Taryn.

Taryn is the mistress of disguises. Take a hilarious ride with Amelia Airhead (Hostie with the Mostie), Helen Clark, Nurse Penny Cillon, Diane Fossil (Anthropologist), Cindy Sleekbutt (health guru), or the Queen, for a fun-filled night.

Over an evening she will morph into several different characters to take you on a journey you won’t forget. First you will board your journey and meet ‘Amelia Airhead’ – Air New Zealand may have made her redundant but no one took her off the roster. Alpha Romeo Charlie Foxtrot Sierra, announcing a return to the glamorous hey day of aviation with your Hostie with the Mostie – Amelia Airhead. After check-in and a comprehensive safety briefing, prepare for a hot towel treatment you won’t forget! When she realises she has been grounded she will make an embarrassed and tearful departure.

‘The Bride’ bursts into the room in full regalia having been stood up at the alter. She is not one to be toyed with, she is on the look our for a substitute, there are 100 guests waiting at the church just down the road and a lot of food going cold at the reception. Luckily she has a bit of inside info and a possible list of substitute grooms. A current wife is no barrier as –“no-one’s perfect”. A quick series of questions and challenges will whittle the list down to a lucky one – but just in the nick of time she gets a call from her father who has located the groom and has him right where she wants him.

‘Nurse Penny Cillon’ as part of an occupational health initiative Nurse Hurse has been commissioned to check everyone’s physical and mental health. She will take people’s pulses and blood pressure and has a checklist of multi choice questions for people to indicate their current state of health. These can be very revealing and contrary to the usual medical ethics Nurse Hurse may share some results with all and sundry.

‘The Right Honourable Helen Clark’ you invited her ages ago but had no serious hope of her attendance. Imagine your surprise when the Right Honourable one walks in. Seems the Taihape Dog Trials have been postponed due to an outbreak of mange and she had a gap in her diary. In a rousing patriotic speech she addresses your guests, unfortunately her secretary has given her a bum steer and she thinks she is actually addressing the pupils of Pt England Normal Intermediate School (P.E.N.I.S) A bit of background information on guests woven into her speech would personalise the whole experience.

‘Cindy Sleekbutt’ Tony Robbins, eat your heart out! Introducing renowned health and lifestyle guru Cindy Sleekbutt – a vision in lycra! Cindy will empower your guests to “Kick Butt”. Using her patented 6-point plan to total wellbeing, plus the Cindy Sleekbutt Diagnostic Divining Rod (patent pending), Cindy will help you reveal your inner child, your inner thigh and locate the power within, enabling you to Kick Butt – or die trying! Feel the burn, lift those legs and receive a free set of steak knives today!!

Diane Fossil After a decade missing in the Titirangi Golf Course, Nobel Prize winning Anthropologist has emerged at YOUR function. Seems she was hit by a golf ball whilst researching her latest paper on the behavioural patterns of urban primates, “Golfers in our midst”. In the pursuit of science Diane attempts to communicate with a group of primates she has stumbled upon (your guests). ‘Bespoke Characters’ When BASF launched a new product to the automotive industry, Penelope Pit-stop came to life. When Vodafone rewarded their megastars, Dame Edna’s Everidge’s sister,

Ivana Beverage dropped by from Out-of-Space. Taryn’s skill at characterisation and script writing allows her to create a wide range of bespoke characters to deliver your message and tie in with your theme. This Could Be Your Life A superb way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or the departure of a valued colleague. Any one of Taryn’s personas could present an unsuspecting subject with the story of their life, with a few embellishments here and there. Suggestions:Helen Clark has trawled the Wanganui Computer for info on the subject. Nurse Penny Cillon has access to the subjects’ Medical Records. Diane Fossil reveals the fruits of years camped out in the backyard researching the subject.