Geoff Dolan

Corporate Entertainer and MC. Geoff Dolan is man of many talents.

Geoff has established himself as an extraordinary conference host, as either an MC and/or character facilitator and entertainer. He has the ability to add energy to those long presentations through ‘ice-breaker’ interludes, team building activities, and his interaction between you and your venue personnel.

Geoff Dolan has been a professional actor and entertainer since 1985 and has had lead roles in a wide variety of television programmes, television commercials and in-house corporate videos. Geoff has also appeared in a large number of theatre productions including many musical events such as Ladies Night, The Share Club, Foreskins Lament, My Fair Lady, The Cherry Orchard, Footrot Flats, The Sound of Music etc. A popular director and actor of Theatresports in New Zealand, Geoff is a leading improvisation tutor for secondary schools and university level students. A master at creating characters tailored to the client’s event (you’ve seen nothing until you have seen ‘Shagga Wilson’, the rugby coach of mental agility), just talk to Geoff about what may be possible for your function, conference or product launch and enjoy the results.  Here are some of his many talents:

Master of Ceremonies

Having an experienced MC looking after your conference, awards, product launch or presentation gives you peace of mind.  It is important that your conference flows well and that the themes, topics and messages are strongly maintained throughout. That's Geoff's job.  ‍As well as keeping the event entertaining and energised, it is equally important to keep to timetables and assist presenters in being well prepared and on-point.

With hundreds of different events under his belt, you can sit back, relax and participate in your own event without the concern of whether everything's going to happen when it is supposed to.  From introductions to wrap-ups, forums to Q&As, the conference MC is the lynch-pin to a successful event.

Awards Nights

These events can create special memories for all involved so it is important they are presented with style and respect.  Geoff takes care is announce all names with energy, acknowledging all nominees efforts,
presenting trophies with excitement, which all adds to the audience and recipients experience and makes for a great night.

Let a professional make sure it is done right. You won't regret it.


Geoff is also an accomplised singer.  Let him add a touch of extra class to your event by allowing him to sing.  Whether during dinner, serenading at tables or crooning to the crowd, live singing lifts any event to another level.

As he wanders among the tables and interacts with your guests, you can watch the smiles and see the energy lift as they sing along and even take to the floor to share a special moment gliding to the tunes.  It makes for a memorable night.

Acting & Characters

To assist in supporting themes, topics and messages, allow Geoff to create a character to convey them strongly.

Whether navigating the business jungle, looking into the future, or seeking strength in leadership or teamwork, together we can create an MC character to steer the ship to its destination or coach your team to success.


• Master of Ceremonies and Facilitator
• Hosting Product Launches
• After Dinner
• Corporate entertainer and/or special character
• ‘Ice-Breaker’ Interludes
• Improvisation tutor
• Singer, writer and choreographer