Tom Mulholland

The Attitude Doctor

Dr Tom Mulholland is an Emergency Department Physician at Auckland Hospital, a lecturer in Psychological Medicine at Auckland clinical school, teaching medical students, founder of the Healthy Thinking Institute and developer of global well-being App KYND (Know Your Numbers Dashboard).

With more than 25 years of clinical experience, he’s written two internationally best-selling books on Healthy Thinking including 'Healthy Thinking - How to Turn Life's Lemons into Lemonade' and 'The Power of Healthy Thinking - To Change Your Attitude and Your Life'.

An expert on workplace stress, emotional control, productivity and psychoneuroimmunology. Dr Mulholland has given over 1000 keynote presentations on well-being to international clients like Google, Microsoft, and Hilton and for the last three years has been touring and speaking around New Zealand in his retro Chevy V8 ambulance. 

He’s recognised as host of his own daily TV chat show on TV 2 and weekly talk show on RadioLive and is a regular writer for the Sunday Star Times on health and well-being. 

The Healthy Thinking Institute developed the psychometric test for attitude profiling. His books on Healthy Thinking are translated into twelve languages and have made the best seller list around the world. He consults on stress and attitude globally to some of the world's largest corporates. He is passionate about Healthy Thinking and how to diagnose and treat attitude illness.

When he is not working as a doctor or on the speaking circuit, Dr Mulholland enjoys extreme sport and expeditions. He was awarded a New Zealand Defence Force Special Services medal for his medical work in the Boxing Day Tsunami and had a stint as the doctor on a Russian Icebreaker in the Southern Ocean. He’s even toured as a stand-up comedian. 

Using his experience as a doctor, entrepreneur, CEO and as a stand-up comedian, The Attitude Doctor can improve your way of thinking and outlook. His presentations will have you laughing, crying, entertained and educated by an experienced doctor both in the clinic and on the stage. 


• Dealing with your emotions
• Conflict avoidance
• How to be successful
• The no stress plan
• Sell more stuff
• How to be happy and healthy
• Motivation and innovation
• Personal mentoring


Dr Tom provided a very entertaining and interesting presentation. It was very positive and enjoyed by the audience. Telstra Clear Ltd

Having read Tom's book 'Healthy Thinking' we engaged him to speak at our annual end of year client functions. He is a comedian with a very valuable message that is told from the heart. The huge positive feedback from those who attended confirmed that we had made the right choice of speaker. An added bonus for me was that I got to spend the entire day with Tom and observed him practice what he preaches - he lives his message. Financial Fitness Limited

I can't guarantee the book will change your life, but I can guarantee Healthy Thinking TM, may save your life. Microsoft NZ

Most employee training is focused on the direct benefit to the employer. The Healthy Thinking programme not only helped create a more productive workplace, it gave our people real tools to improve the quality of their private lives. ACE Insurance NZ Ltd

Really engaging and informative. Beam Global NZ

"Dr Tom kept the audience engaged. He is just so full of life. Loved him to pieces!" PKF Rutherfords

Dr Tom had a really positive impact on the staff and shareholders in attendance. His content was exactly what we were after and it was clear he had a good understanding of the impact this crisis is having on our Te Puke locals. Farmlands Trading Society Ltd

The feedback from Tom's session has been fantastic and it really struck the balance we were looking for with this audience, providing valuable practical tools for our leaders with high entertainment value!  Vero

Dr Tom did a wonderful job of drawing his audience into the topic of healthy thinking using story and personal experience to connect. He was definitely contextual drawing on his own experiences as a BOT chairperson which helped to warm us up to what he had to share- a skilled communicator with an important message.  Nelson Principal's Association

Tom was absolutely fantastic. His ‘Healthy Thinking' topic worked perfectly with the theme of our conference. We wanted Tom to give a serious but more light hearted presentation over the lunch break, and he gave us exactly what we wanted. Our delegates just loved him. Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

Tom's presentation is always a crowd pleaser. Delivered with humour but with strong messages. Chartered Accountant

Dr Tom Mulholland is one of the best speakers we have had present to members here in the UK. His presentations have been entertaining, informative and fun. An accomplished presenter he keeps everyone involved and wanting to hear more. NZICA UK Region

Tom is an energetic and enthusiastic speaker, who immediately engages the audience and takes them on a journey of reflection and self-discovery, albeit a short journey given our time constraints! Compass Health