Bill James CSP

One of New Zealand’s leading business speakers, with practical principles for new business growth at low cost and client retention.

Bill has an amazing record as a sales person, networker, managing and in generating referrals and has held positions as Sales and Branch Managers. He delivers keynote addresses, workshops and is an experienced MC and trainer.

When would you want to use Bill?

  • If you have professional services staff or a trades oriented team that excel at what they do but just don’t seem able to promote themselves effectively.
  • If you have ‘reluctant’ (or any) sales people that are not getting the results or they have fallen into a routine.
  • Want to give experienced professionals new ideas and boost even their results.
  • When your team is excellent at what they do but just cannot promote themselves and get the deals across the line.
  • As an association or franchise wanting to introduce new ideas around business growth.

Specialising in sales for non-sales people, from professionals to trades, Bill compels all to step up to the responsibility of having to sell by showing them how to do it as themselves – from their comfort zone.

He also takes the sales professional to new heights with insights and with the latest effective techniques.

Bill is an authentic, engaging and content-driven business presenter who specializes in attracting new clients, opening the door and connecting for the sale – now and for the future. Where others promise, Bill’s bespoke presentations deliver the results you want for the long term.

  • His ‘3 Piece Sales’ process adds the missing pieces to your sales jigsaw. Make your existing sales process work!
  • When Bill presents – people listen and change. The ‘hard edged soft skills’ instantly make sense at an internalised level and have people saying “I can do that”
  • The way he connects with audiences helps businesses integrate sales systems designed around the individual that do not challenge their internal values, fears or ideas about selling. Instead he shows them how to take their natural style and enhance it for maximum results. Businesses and individuals commonly see increases in prospects/results from 25% to 40% and even some doubling their results – and the techniques learnt stick!

Using a variety of delivery formats, from keynotes to workshop programs, his ability to mould an event around your specific requirements has made Bill a sought after presenter throughout Australasia.

But he is so much more than a sales guy! A diverse range of organisations from Fonterra, Foodstuffs, Alsco and GW Foods to large financial organisations and banks have all gained from introducing Bill’s unique approach. Many have partnered with him to create the changes in their sales teams but also across their whole organisation.

He leads attendees to look deeply within themselves and creates honest and open communication. In doing so he can change corporate culture and realign your teams so they are all singing off the same song sheet. Your whole business can be heading in the same direction with passion and purpose!

After starting his career in sales Bill’s 30+ years of practical experience include: door to door selling, retail sales and national management positions in the banking, insurance, mortgage and finance industries.

An accredited National Speakers Association Certified Speaking Professional member, Bill has been recognised by his peers as the New Zealand Speaker of the Year (2015) and Business Speaker of the Year (2013) demonstrating he is a speaking professional with proven experience and skill who understands what is needed and knows how to deliver client satisfaction. Bill has served on the boards of National Speakers Association NZ and held the national position of President for 2 years.

Bill inspires, educates and entertains every time to make your conference or training event successful.


  • One Company – One Direction: Often it is the internal divisions that cost clients, opportunity and waste money. No synergy = no success. Bill breaks down the barriers, creates honest conversation and allows people to look at their own self truths safely. He has changed internal cultures in as little as a single session.  “They arrived as individuals and left a team. We observed some very honest self-assessments during the day and some real passion that came out as you actively involved all of them in open and meaningful discussion. It cleared a lot of air that helped create a team feeling that will last a long time.” Doug McIsaac, PSP Ltd
  • Sales for Non Sales People: Whether you truly struggle with sales or simply have a few stumbling blokes, the insights and techniques in this session reposition sales in a way all will embrace. Builders and tradespeople do not like the sales process. “They do not understand it and often think they are not good at it. Your tailored material was on the mark and gave them real insights into how they could successfully gain business in their own way.” Grant Florence, CEO, Certified Builders Association
  • Zero Dollar Guerrilla Marketing: no money down off-line marketing ideas that work tomorrow – more business right now. “We used just one of Bill’s ideas and added $150,000 in two months.” Peter Boyes, PR Expert
  • Very Different Ideas on How We Attract and Keep Customers: This is NOT some rehashed ideas around online marketing or rehashed rhetoric about customer service. It is an examination of the research around the changing face of how customers buy and how we should sell to them and keep them as long term customers. When you add Bill’s first-hand knowledge of how to apply the learnings to New Zealand, you will be forced to change your ideas on this subject. “The application of your ideas has seen big positive changes in the way we interact with our clients in all areas of business.” Alistair Innes, GM, TROPEX Exports Ltd.
  • 3 R’s To Rocketing Results: The foundations of being REAL, RELATING, and being RELEVANT combine logic with the human connection. Sales people have light bulb moments and want to use the ideas tomorrow. “You inspired them so much; even our 70 year old salesman is back knocking on doors!” –Richard Kay, Sales & Marketing Manager, Terracare Fertilisers
  • The low logic approach: How to achieve as much as a 60% hit rate on cold calls.
  • Uncover Goldmines at Network Events: Find the right network events, be introduced painlessly to the right people, say the right things and walk out with business opportunity. “Using your ideas for the last month has seen us walk away with an opportunity 80% of the time” – Franchise  industry
  • Money Making Business Relationships: Create a stream of wealth from new and existing relationships without costing that relationship. “We have increased our client base 40% in a little over a year” – Accountant
  • Referrals Made Easy: Recognised as the best way to create business, referrals are scary, misunderstood and very rarely done well. “We gained 10.5 referrals for every 10 people asked” Insurance industry
  • The Currency of Courtesy: Measure the gain from civility and add to your profits using nothing but a deeper connection to staff and clients.
  • Reject Rejection with Resilience: “NO” is a fact of life – how we deal with it makes all the difference. Bounce back stronger than ever and succeed!!!!
  • Deep Fast Impressions That Sell: How to make that impact in minutes that will take you 80% of the way to a sale. “You increased our incoming call conversion rate from 37% to 56%” Les Seiler, Area Manager, Pit Stop Franchise Group

Many of Bill's clients combine keynotes with workshops and follow up for ongoing results.​


“The content that was delivered is very professional and highly polished, and has added a significant amount of value to our business”. Ben Frewin // LJS Systems Ltd

After two months we have increased our conversion rate… a 51% increase which far exceeds our goal of 20%, and represents a return on investment… in the thousands of percent." Les Seiler // Pit Stop Ltd

I am most impressed with the outcome and the changes I have seen in our branch managers. We hear them using the language and ideas on an ongoing basis. You opened the opportunity for us to move from good to seriously great.

On the day you provided a clear message that all understood and accepted. Your facilitated approach to a group of passionate and committed managers was pitched in such a way that it encouraged them to consider some alternative thinking. It was engaging, at times demanding but delivered with the right balance so that it was never threatening. It has been a significant advance” Mark Roberts // ALSCO NZ

A Non-industry speaker was a big call for us and your contribution made 2012 one of the best Industry days in recent years. Our members were not an easy audience but you really had their attention. You created a platform that showed them the key to more sales, mixing inspiration and scientific evidence that really hit the spot" Executive Director // Windows Association of New Zealand 

Bill, the simple' ABC' sales process and 'value stack' you created was quick and easy to learn and use. It was a robust structure that did not intimidate our Contractors or Franchisees. I hear the concepts being talked about among the team often and they are actively discussing how they have applied them successfully. Mark Stevenson // Regional Sales Manager // Fonterra Brands (NZ) Ltd

Builders and tradespeople do not like the sales process. They do not understand it and often think they are not good at it. Your tailored material was on the mark and gave them real insights into how they could successfully gain business in their own way. Grant Florence//Chief Executive// Certified Builders Association of NZ

Thank you for providing us with the means to boost our customer service team's esteem and desire to become much better in the eyes of our customers. They arrived as individuals and left feeling like a team. Even the most sceptical warmed to the day. Doug McIsaac // Auckland Branch Manager // PSP Limited