Bill Butler

Bill Butler is an expert presenter, trainer and workshop facilitator on a wide range of business issues

A past General Manager of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand until 1986, Bill has considerable business experience, is an experienced conference speaker and has produced his own radio programme.

Bill has a wealth of training experience gained in a variety of organisations and cultures following his entry into the personnel development field.

Before that he was General Manager of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants, a major professional body with over 30,000 members.

Since then, Bill has successfully presented in house and public programmes for literally hundreds of commercial organisations, government departments, local authorities and SOEs, bringing to each a unique combination of business, communication and people skills.

Bill adopts a consultative and interactive approach to all his training, drawing on the work environment, examples and experience of all participants.

He has a strong background in management and with his qualifications in Accounting, Business Management and Psychology, he is able to present a diverse range of programmes to Senior Management and support staff alike.

Bill has considerable experience as a conference speaker, has written and produced his own radio programme and has appeared on the "Good Morning" television programme.

His work in Project Management and Problem Resolution extends beyond New Zealand, more recently into Central America and Australia.

In the training role, he seeks to engender a crystal clear focus on outcomes through a thoroughly professional approach which is both motivational and innovative.


Training workshops and seminars. T

Project Management, drawing on international experience
Accounting and Finance for Non Accountants
Communication and Influencing Skills
Negotiation Skills
People Handling and Customer Service Skills
Team Leading and Performance Management
Management and Leadership Skills
Relationship Building and Conflict Management
Time and Pressure Management
Presentation and Facilitation Skills.

Conference and keynote addresses

Executive mentoring and coaching

Project Management consultancy, including:
Best practice
One on one sessions for project managers
Problem solving and team issues
Status and post implementation reviews
One on one sessions on development and performance issues
Training needs analysis
Management consultancy on selection, performance and organisational issues
Facilitation of business planning and team development sessions
Problem resolution
Pressure and stress management consultancy.