Maria Carlton

Maria Carlton is a speaker, author mentor and specialist in small business marketing. Mission Marketing Mentors, CA USA, named Maria one of the top 50 business mentors in the world in 2003.

Maria has spent 20 years learning about sales, marketing, advertising, branding and promotion. Her passion lies in helping to turn people on to their potential and achieve outstanding results in business.

Maria Carlton (also known by Dixie Carlton - which is her birth name) was widowed with young children at the age of 30. She has become a very successful author, speaker and an inspiration to achieve success regardless of circumstances and the things that might be holding you back. Proof that anyone really can create something out of nothing,

Maria has created several small businesses over 20+ years of being self employed from the promotional products, publishing, coaching and website development industries. Selling her promotional marketing company in 2002 and then writing about the industry she’d just left behind saw Maria speaking and launching her first book in Las Vegas, and then going on to write a number of other books for herself and also as a ghost writing publisher for other professional experts from Australasia.

Mission Marketing Mentors, CA USA, named Maria one of the top 50 business mentors in the world in 2003. She has spoken professionally about small business marketing in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the Cook Islands. She is an international bestselling author of 2 books and contributor/author of 6 more books since 2003. In 2004 she began working primarily with Franchisors and Franchisees. Maria has developed proven strategies for increasing sales and marketing results for both business to business and retail selling and often coaches professional sales people and business owners in these areas. She has written for and been featured in various magazines, newspapers and on radio in New Zealand, and is in demand as a speaker and workshop facilitator on sales/marketing and customer service.

Her common sense approach to business and particularly to marketing and branding ensures that Maria is in demand as a speaker and consultant, and her books/templates and articles are highly regarded by her clients, associates and other professional consultants. All presentations are customised to suit the specific audience, and can be presented as workshops, keynote addresses or seminar/break-out sessions.

Maria is a New Zealander now living in Brisbane, but commutes regularly back to New Zealand.  Her specialty areas are retail, trades, service and franchising.

Let’s Talk Expectations…

What to expect from Maria Carlton BEFORE she goes on stage: 
•    A thorough brief on your expectations, what you want your group/audience to walk away with, and a firm understanding of what handouts will be given and topics specifically covered.
•    Total professionalism – including but not limited to a call confirming the event (date, time, venue etc) 7 days out from your event for your complete piece of mind.
•    Commitment to ensuring she knows all she needs to know about your business and your industry so that her presentation is relevant!
•    Early arrival and time to be calm and READY for her presentation.

What you can expect from Maria Carlton ON the platform:
•    Stories to explain points made
•    Interaction to keep your people engaged and interested
•    Excellent handouts that will help to reinforce key points made
•    Some humour – it might not be a full comedy experience but it won’t be boring!
•    Minimum power point!
•    No swearing – EVER!

What to expect from Maria Carlton – After her presentation:
•    Time to stay and talk to audience members (for additional Q&A)
•    A debrief with you if requested
•    A follow up email and invitation to a supplementary webinar up to 14 days after the presentation
•    Access to a special resources section set up online for your group for up to 14 days


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