Lisa McInnes-Smith

Lisa's passion is Peak Performance - propelling groups, teams and leaders to new levels of achievement and strategic competence.

Lisa was born with a physical eye defect that has shaped her life. Born into a family of sporting professionals, she wanted to understand why some people succeed while others do not and this determination led her to specialise in human performance and sports psychology. Lisa is extremely motivational, and has committed her life to help improve the lives of others. A very special lady and author of 6 books she can tailor a presentation specifically for you.

Lisa McInnes-Smith is a specialist keynote presenter and vibrant ambassador into corporate Australia. Her passion is Peak Performance - propelling groups, teams and leaders to new levels of achievement and strategic competence. Business development through personal growth is inspired and locked-in by Lisa's unique teaching techniques.

The result: purpose-driven people who will in turn relate to and inspire those around them.

High energy, audience-involving presentations have hallmarked Lisa as one of the most successful business keynote speakers in Australia, and the world. She has been 'wowing' audiences for 25 years, and is the first speaker outside North America to be inducted into the international Speaker Hall of Fame.


Lead, Follow or Get Out of The Way!
Leadership exists at all levels of life government, business, family and community. There is no perfect model for great leadership and leaders are not 'born'. The best leaders are self aware, clear in purpose, courageous and decisive - all attributes of an individuals spirit, and all learnable. Leadership is a lifestyle a way of living, a way of bringing out the best in those around you.

This session with Lisa McInnes-Smith is about the heart of Leadership, and you will learn that Leadership is also a choice. Key points include:
The significance of who you follow, and who follows you.
The power of decision making.
Good followers can lead!
The four most important Leadership qualities and how to grow them.
The power of choosing your own peer group.
How to fast track your Leadership learning.
Five attributes that will make you worth following.
How to bring out the best in others.
How to really connect with those around you.
The power of a Leaders words.

Sticky Teams! How to Create Teams That Stick the Course
Long term significant achievement cannot happen until a team of people unite to take on a challenge. In a fun-charged and practical atmosphere Lisa will demonstrate how your team members can inspire others and deliver long-term positive outcomes. She helps individuals become better team players (and potential leaders!) by discarding negative habits and building on their strengths.

Lisa will also show your people how to multiply their own effectiveness by helping to release the talents of those around them. Personal and team growth will increase exponentially as they apply Lisa's steps to:
Build a culture of care, cooperation and excellence.
Become a purveyor of hope and high expectations.
Encourage effort, innovation and creativity.
Bring clarity to the corporate vision and team purpose.
Create an environment where people like to work hard and exceed expectations.
Become a valuable team player.
Stick At It! How To Build Winning Relationships
Good relationships are not only essential to our personal well-being, but also determine our effectiveness as a leader, sales person or team member. The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. Sometimes its easier to do business and focus on tasks, than do life and focus on people. However, we need to do both to build profitable, long term relationships.

People at all levels need regular fresh input and encouragement to better connect and relate. Through Lisa's research and experience, your group will learn:
How to bypass the superficial and really connect with people.
How to relate in ways that make people feel accepted and appreciated.
How to serve people by really understanding their needs.
How to identify existing relationships that are sabotaging long-term success.
A sure-fire method to build people's self-esteem.
Two strategies to get your relationships back on track.

We All Have What it Takes... But Where is it?
Growth and development in business often comes with challenge. This includes pressure to improve productivity, empower key teams and encourage every individual to become more effective with less direct management. What does that take? It takes individuals that are self-motivated, have a huge desire to perform and a strong belief in their own capability.

Lisa McInnes Smith inspires people to move beyond their current capacity to a place without limits. She brings fresh insight into the simple steps people can take to bring focus and clarity to their work and lives. Lisa's dynamic presentation will teach your people how to:
Succeed through knowing what people want and embracing what they have.
Build enthusiasm, even when tired.
Build a sense of adventure and excitement about what is ahead.
Develop focus as the key to peak performance.
Choose to participate, not procrastinate.
Use words that create a better future.

The Women's Room
'The health and well-being of women determines the health and strength of a nation.'
Lisa is a woman on a mission to help others build significant careers, successful families and loving relationships. Her fun-loving style and sense of humour connects her with people from all walks of life, encouraging others to find purpose and passion in their everyday lives.

This session is perfect for empowering an audience of all female participants or partners to begin:
Affirming, connecting, and building belief.
Restoring confidence and sanity!
Deconstructing roadblocks and Tearing down shame.
Imparting hope and practical life skills.