Jim Hopkins

Book Jim Hopkins as MC or after dinner speaker for your next conference or event. Hilarious after dinner speaker, famous (or infamous) for his incredbile quick wit, coupled with his genius for making people laugh.

Still one of the best after dinner speakers and Master of Ceremonies around with his intellectual, satirical wit. Jim makes a great effort to tailor his address to suit your people.

A hilarious After Dinner speaker, Jim Hopkins is famous (or infamous) throughout New Zealand for his work on stage, in television and radio.

His incredibly quick wit, coupled with his genius for making people laugh have made him one of this country's most sought after speakers.

Once described as a legend in his own larynx, Jim Hopkins refuses to be perturbed by the impending apocalypse; or for that matter, the fact that the hole in the ozone layer now seems nearly as big as the gaps in a winebox witness’ memory.

Jim is determined to continue to live off his wits and off his tonsils – something he has achieved for 25 years or four governments, seven prime ministers, one snapshot election, three World Cups, a Russians revolution, 10 royal scandals, 300 episodes of Shortland Street and 47 Rachel Hunter cover stories.

Jim has spent the past 25 years in and around the media - as a scriptwriter on Close To Home, Presenter, a performer on The BNZ Festival Debates and radio talkback host on Radio Pacific in Auckland and Radio Avon in Christchurch. Jim had his own nightly news and current affairs programme on Christchurch's own TV Channel, CTV.

He is now freelancing, doing promotional and public relations work, speaking and debating. He is also a dedicated Council Member involved in local issues.

In 1998 Jim wrote a book called “Blokes and Sheds”. This book was so successful that he has just released his second edition. He appeared on Television New Zealand in a show based on his “Blokes and Sheds” books.

Jim Hopkins is delightfully endearing, quick-witted character, journalist, television presenter, debater, MC, scriptwriter, radio host, author and Local Government District Councillor.


  • After-Dinner
  • Humour
  • Debating
  • Sales
  • Promotions
  • Master of Ceremonies