Leigh Kelly

Leigh speaks on effectively creating work/life balance, how to check if your Life Wheel is in balance and how to have a reality check by self observation.

An interesting seminar on self check-ups. Leigh runs the life balance seminar which is based on understanding and embracing the principals of work / life balance.

For 25 years Leigh Kelly has worked in her passion in the public hospital sector as a nurse. During this time she achieved many qualifications to support her profession including Advanced Diploma in Nursing, Care of Aged Person Certificate and Plunket Certificate and reached the level of Charge Nurse.

In 1989 the restructuring changed and so did Leigh’s passion. She saw destruction in her specialist area - long-term care of the elderly. Leigh took the opportunity to work in the private sector and bought her own Rest Home caring for people with Alzheimer’s disease. She left this area in 1997 and wrote a book on caring for people with Alzheimer’s disease titled “Life’s an Illusion”. The following year she embarked on another career in assisting a business partner to develop an integrated management system to help the health sector meet the introduction of a new Health & Disability Sector Standards.

In 2001 her call to her passion was so strong that she gave away the business of management systems and set about putting something back into the profession she loved. The reason she says “The health industry is self destructing. The environment is so unhealthy due to the constant change that is now becoming difficult for it to heal – it is bleeding profusely and something has to be done to stop the haemorrhaging. The industry is not attracting and/or keeping staff and people are becoming sicker. It is time to pack the wound and allow the granulation tissue to form and slowly build hospitals back to a place of wellness not sickness and draw back the people who have left it through disillusionment and burnout.”

So how can this internal haemorrhaging be stopped? Leigh says “Uplift and inspire the staff to the joy of their profession and give them the tools and the support to manage the change.”

Leigh’s second book called “My Teenager’s Depressed – BUT WHAT ABOUT ME?” is a guide to thriving in times of despair, is presently being assessed by a publisher. Her experience of handling a depressed and suicidal daughter is the background of this book.

Leigh is now a professional speaker in the areas of health, lifestyle, work/life balance, and other topics specifically related to the health sector. She conducts keynotes, workshops, and coaching sessions or can tailormake a session to suit your people.

Leigh’s Motto “Nothing ever gets changed by keeping your mouth shut!”

She works on:

· Developing a plan for balance in your work life · Developing a relationship with yourself · Understanding how your beliefs and values impinge on outcomes, · Understanding the ingredients required for a healthy lifestyle · Setting up strategies for a maintenance programme for your life.


• Bringing Spirit and Ethics to Business and Society
• Work/life balance - Understanding and embracing the principals
• Health is an inside job
• Killing our people to save a $ - outlines how this disease will impact on society
• Healthcare – a soul destroying experience