Lawrence Green

Lawrence is currently working with a diverse group of sports and sportspeople at the elite level, including Golf, Triathlon, Netball, Rowing and Softball.

A sports psychologist and executive development consultant, Lawrence has been successful working in the areas of organisational psychology, organisational behaviour, systems thinking and accelerated learning.

Lawrence has a background working with people. As a young student, he went about testing the water in all areas of achievement. His cross-section of sports - rugby league, softball, soccer, tennis and cricket – reveal his potential to be diverse in his approach.

At 15 years of age, Lawrence took on the demanding sport of cycle racing and it was here that he recognised his desire to understand the workings of the mind. At this young age, he couldn’t understand why the mind did what it did when placed under pressure, and this experience set the course for Lawrence’s future development.

On attending university, Lawrence completed a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Business Administration, and after obtaining an Honours degree, he then went about gaining his Masters, focusing on BPSS. He supported his academic achievements by paralleling his study with training in psychotherapy and accelerated learning.

In the corporate sector, Lawrence has worked in the areas of health, education and telecommunications. In the social welfare sector, he has taken on challenging roles in dealing with rape prevention education, domestic violence and assisting long-term unemployed to gain the skills to enable them to return to the workforce.

A Teaching Fellow at Victoria University of Wellington since 1996, Lawrence has made his mark teaching at the undergraduate, graduate and executive development levels in the areas of organisational behaviour, research methods, research mentoring, accelerated learning and team building.

Lawrence is a successful presenter and workshop co-ordinator in the areas of goal setting and commitment, visualisation, beliefs and self-belief, learning from experience, self esteem and positive self-talk, attention control, activation control, interpersonal communication skills, lifestyle management and career planning.