Annah Stretton

Designer, businesswoman, publisher, philanthropist, entrepreneur, exporter, Annah is an inspiration in what she has achieved in her life.

Annah Stretton is the founder of the Annah Stretton fashion label, a successful New Zealand entrepreneur, (celebrating 25 years in the business of fashion this year,) an author of seven books and an in-demand public speaker. 

With a strong digital platform and 15 retail stores, her philanthropic efforts provide substantial support to a very wide range of charitable groups and organisations across New Zealand. She has also been the recipient of the coveted Veuve Clicquot business award, and has an Order of Merit for services to business, fashion and community. Annah also currently chairs the Waikato women's refuge governance board, and sits on the UNICEF NZ board.
In 2013 she set up her own foundation and from this came her first social venture  - RAW (Reclaim Another Woman.) RAW, a national model, was launched in the Waikato in February 2014, where the first stage of the pilot looked to get change for socially disadvantaged women from the refuge environment. RAW is now in the second stage of their pilot working with incarcerated recidivist female offenders who society has not been able to re-integrate. To date she has had a 100 % success rate.  RAW is a first for this country (and has now been fully endorsed by Corrections,)  as Annah has made real inroads into the huge problem that this country has with repeat offenders. The strength of this work is such that, in September 2015, she was awarded the EY / ASB Social Entrepreneur of the Year and she was a semi-finalist for 2018 New Zealander of the Year.
In 2016 another charity Kia Puāwai was created to address wellness for New Zealanders, especially Māori, Pacific Islanders and people who do not or who are unable to prioritise their health. The focus is on editing a person's normal day rather than unsustainable diets or exercise regimes, to achieve improved quality of life, productivity and reduced burden on the health system.

Winner of the:

  • · Her Business Woman of the Year 2005
  • · Her Business Citizenship award 2005
  • · Ernst & Young Retail Consumer and Industrial Products award 2005
  • · Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year 2009


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