Jackie Furey

Principal of Bedrooms to Boardrooms – an organisation which specialises in assisting people to bring out the best in themselves and the people around them. "It's all about performance"

Jackie is a university-trained psychotherapist who is known both nationally and internationally for her wisdom, wit and down-to-earth approach. She cites her Irish heritage with giving her the ability to get the story of “From the bedroom to the boardroom - it’s all about performance” across to the audience in an entertaining, enlightening and thought-provoking way.

Jackie Furey is the director of Bedrooms to Boardrooms®. Her business specialises in assisting people to bring out the best in themselves and the people around them in life, love and work. Jackie is university-trained with many years of clinical experience. She is renowned for her work both nationally and internationally as a specialist in the area of personal and professional relationships. Jackie continues to operate a busy private practice helping people to live with success and significance from Sydney Australia. She travels extensively delivering presentations, facilitating workshops and conducting individual and group consultations. In the past 8 years she has spoken in over 35 major cities around the world. The feedback she has received and the difference she has made to people’s lives has been nothing short of spectacular. Jackie credits her Irish heritage combined with her profession as a psychotherapist, with giving her the ability to get the story of “from Bedroom to the Boardroom®” - it’s all about performance across to the audience in a unique way. This presentation will touch your heart and lift your spirits. It is sophisticated, intelligent and flawlessly performed - most of all it is relevant to anyone who wants their life to work more effectively and be more sastisfying. For three years Jackie hosted Australia’s number one relationship talkback radio show “bedrooms to boardrooms®”. When her busy schedule allows she continues to make appearances on radio and television. Her opinions are frequently cited in the print media on topical issues. She has also made a documentary with the ABC called “Welcome to Intimacy” which was bought by the BBC UK. It is said that engaging with Jackie Furey is a truly rewarding experience. When you meet her you will soon see why! Through her work with both large and small organisations, individuals, couples and families she has earned global respect from clients and peers. Her insight into the human mind and sensitivity for human life along with the most wonderful sense of humour make her an outstanding presenter. “Whether on stage before thousands, working with a group, or with an individual Jackie Furey will provide you with a memorable performance – one not to be missed”.


Presentation Summaries: All Jackie’s talks are designed to meet your needs and desires. What is important to Jackie is that she delivers an outstanding presentation which plays a part in making your event an outstanding success. You may wish to choose your own title for the presentation Jackie delivers or you may like to choose one of the following titles below. From “Bedroom to Boardroom® - it’s all about performance! From “Bedroom to Boardroom® - it’s all about success with significence! From “Bedroom to Boardroom® it’s all about relationships! From “Bedroom to Boardroom® - don’t make me laugh! From “Bedroom to Boardroom® it’s all about family! Bedrooms, Babies & Boardrooms! A Check up form the Neck UP!