Club Nerd

One of New Zealands' most entertaining band consists of five of the most unlikely Rock Stars you have ever seen.

Live, the boys take you on a high-energy musical journey of outrageous fun and wild fashion (Nerd fashion that is!). None the less, when Club Nerd play at your event or function, there will be fun - guaranteed!Club Nerd play all those songs that eveyone loves, but are just too afraid to admit.Their music covers a versatile range, from the disco 70's, right through to those popular synth sounds and glam rock of the 80's. They even throw in some favorites from the 50's and 90's for good measure! One thing guaranteed, you and your guests will know the music and want to dance and sing along.

Club Nerd started in 1997, after it's ringleaders, Melvin and Barry(Who prefer to see themselves as visionaries for modern music)decided that New Zealand needed a band like them. They travelled extensively throughout the country, but saw only bands that took themselves too seriously. Melvin and Barry quickly saw an opportunity for a "cool" band. That is, 'Retro Cool', the way 'Cool' should be, complete with long socks, pocket protectors and horn rimmed glasses! (If you ask me, what they actually formed was a band that exacerbated all the panache of a Ukranian Goat Farmer). Because Melvin and Barry came from academic circles (both multiple degree holders and specialists in subjects that most normal individuals haven't even heard of, nor really care about) they promptly assembled the most bizarre team of musicians one could ever imagine.