Glenn Capelli

Glenn is one of the very few professional speakers in Australia to have won all three highest professional speaking industry awards. Educator of the Year in 2006, the Nevin Award in 2007 and Keynote Speaker of the Year 2013.

For five years his live radio program Thinking Caps broadcast weekly on Radio 3AW in Melbourne and Thinking Caps the book has sold more than 7,000 copies.

Glenn’s audiences range from primary school students and teachers in the most remote outback regions of Australia, to the CEO’s of the some of the largest corporate organisations in the world. 

His unique presentation style and ability to apply a diversity of teaching methodologies have made him an internationally renowned speaker across a diverse range of industries and in constant demand worldwide. 

Glenn’s presentation portfolio includes conference keynotes and theme-weaving, workshops, program design and facilitation, training and one-to-one coaching and mentoring. 

Glenn uses his participatory, humorous and entertaining presentation techniques to show audiences how to become more flexible thinkers, leaders and life-long learners in today’s fast paced world.


• Thinking and Learning
• Dynamic Thinking
• The XYZ of Your Thinking
• ‘How better’ Thinking
• ‘How Else’ Thinking
• ‘What If’ Thinking
• Presentation Methodology
• Visual Note Taking Skills
• Creativity and Innovation
• Learning and Leadership
• Growing Talent


I was lucky enough to share the stage with Glenn this year whilst speaking at The Future Of Leadership Conference in both Melbourne and Brisbane. On both occasions, I was floored by the mastery he exhibits over his craft. Within seconds of taking the stage, Glenn drew us into a vibrant, heartfelt and connected world of insight, inspiration and deep learning. His vast experience is equaled only his commitment to educate and empower. Every one of the 800 people in that room were loving every second of his time on stage. But what truly moved me was how generous Glenn was long after the days proceedings. Despite needing to make a flight back to Melbourne he took the time to speak at length about my own presentation and provided exceptional advice in how I can improve and achieve more impact. Glenn Capelli is the ultimate professional. A guiding light for all speakers, authors, educators and thought leaders and a gift to anyone who seeks to hold a memorable event.  Mykel Dixon Artisan Thinking 

Having had the opportunity to hear speakers from around the globe, Glenn is one of the most engaging, energizing and outstanding speakers in the world. His ability to bring character, authenticity and fun to every presentation ensures his audience leave with strategies they can apply immediately. Anyone from Glenn's audience will tell you he connects with each person making them feel they are the only one in the audience. He is a true professional and an outstanding speaker.  Neen James Ah-Mazing TV

The challenge always, is to find good keynote speakers who have a clear and concise message; who can articulate that message and make it relevant to the audience and, to strike a rapport. Glenn, you did all of the above. Well done and thanks.  Warren O’Rourke Mortgage Choice Limited

Glenn Capelli is one of Australia's most dynamic presenters. I have seen him present many times and each time the sessions are customised to the immediate audience, engaging, creative, fun and dynamic. Glenn is an asset to any conference program.  Robyn Henderson Networking to Win

I love working with Glenn. He and Lindy always look after our clients with passion and respect. His material is so unique and valuable, one of our major clients kept rebooking him for multiple events, four years in a row. After 28 years in the business he is still on my favourites list.  Leanne Christie Ovations

Glenn was a perfect mix of humour, anecdotes and applicable strategies to both business and personal challenges. Robin Whiteley Novartis Healthcare

Very engaging individual and passionate about this topic. Interactive, different, unique approach to group sessions and probably the most active training session we have been involved in.  Mo Arajan BHP Billiton

Glenn was fantastic! Everyone loved him. We have been getting rave reviews. He certainly did manage to capture everyone and hold them from start to finish. The feedback has only been positive. He moved some people on a deeply personal level and everyone got something out of his workshops and presentations. "Best conference ever" is what they are saying. We couldn't be more pleased with the outcome.  Lisa Lynch Capricorn Society

Thanks Glenn we've been getting rave reviews in regard to your Innovation session last week. The feedback has been amazing "best training I have ever done! I'm still buzzing! It was great; I loved every minute of it. Very inspiring, interesting, thought provoking."   Credit Suisse Asia

Glenn was the perfect facilitator for our recent Leaders Forum of 500 plus participants. A polished presenter and a great educator in one! He really created a space for some great interaction and energy to emerge on the day.  Tim Hart Energex

Glenn Capelli was an absolute hit with our somewhat small group of 9 people. Our managers were hungry for more! I was astounded at the amount of information people had retained about his presentation. It was a perfect match for our program and we were all honoured to have Glenn present and share his genuine and colourful stories. Glenn inspired all. He really lifted the group’s spirits.  Alinta 

It was a wonderful session today and everyone was delighted, engaged and deeply impacted on many levels by your presentation. For a group who complains about a 2 hour presentation there was not a murmur of complaint and everyone got real value and intends to implement a number of ideas immediately.  The Executive Connection

The members really enjoyed the professionalism in presentation style that you brought to these sessions which were delivered with high energy, good humour and outstanding use of different media to communicate your messages.  The Executive Connection

Your concepts were delivered with great aplomb, timing and style, befitting someone who has won so many awards. What an overwhelming endorsement they gave you for the presentation, rating it "off the scale"!  The Executive Connection

I really admire your preparation and commitment to delivering a first class job on every occasion. The feedback from the participants was excellent. I am always grateful for and impressed by, your willingness to explore a range of different themes for our seminars. The ease of working with you is a pleasure and you always deliver on the day. Thanks for all your good work. Australian Institute of Management

It's a privilege to be in any way instrumental in bringing the wonderful world of Glenn's mind to our listeners. I'm awe-struck by his capacity of constantly renewing and refreshing the world - and saying some important things on the way. Rosemary Greenham, ABC Radio Australia

We recently utilised Glenn’s unique skills in the role of theme weaver for our Queenstown conference. This was no small challenge given we were bringing two distinct businesses, plus an eclectic group of suppliers together under one roof for the first time. It is difficult to envisage any other speaker with the unique skill set to pull off such a challenge. Whilst he was immaculately prepared, his ability to react to his audience constantly, and tailor content on the fly, sets him apart. Not a single delegate left our event without having stepped outside their comfort zone, nor did anyone leave without new tools to face their diverse and complex worlds. Despite the audience being hardened career retailers, Glenn demonstrated a unique ability to ‘touch’ people, and kept them spellbound despite their being in various states of disrepair at times!  Mark Spring CEO DTR NZ

It is always a pleasure for me to speak about your wonderful skill of Theme Weaving throughout the conference. Your messages, humour and thought provoking stories are always something to look forward to…your ability to keep the theme relevant and enjoyable is definitely something our delegates enjoy from the generous feedback. The music you interspersed this year was particularly special Glenn. I was listening to delegates at the tables sharing their stories of what the particular track of music you were playing meant to them at different times in their life. You always give me so much more than I anticipate – your attention to detail in the most thoughtful, entertaining and considerate way means so much to me and I delight in the way you introduce our plenary speakers. Again, the feedback from them is consistently acknowledging of you. I could not speak highly enough to any organisation who might be considering you as their MC.  Carole Gregson NESA

Great session people were talking about it all day, you are the master of voice, song, message and fun.  Peter Klinken Australian Institute of Medical Research