Catherine Palin-Brinkworth

Catherine Palin-Brinkworth is a leading business speaker who covers the topics of leadership, customer service and self-achievement, change, focus, growth.

Catherine has an amazing ability to bring out the best in people, turn around individual and team performance and to stimulate positive changes.

Born in New Zealand but now residing in Australia, Catherine is a powerful presenter with a passion for inspiring people to be the BEST they can, getting the BEST out of their people and creating the BEST business outcomes for a five fold bottom line. With a Masters in Social Ecology and qualifications in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Catherine is uniquely qualified to help business people move ahead of their blocks and barriers. Her ability to connect with people, understand power dynamics and capitalise on effective performance models has kept her in demand both within Australia and internationally.

In her corporate life, Catherine cut her teeth in one of the most challenging environments in the business world, building and managing teams of outstanding performers in the life insurance and investment industry. Her history has been one of building businesses from the ground up, from 5 to 250, from zero to $60 million. For several years she held senior national sales and marketing management roles helping to build highly successful businesses and for the last 10 years has run her own highly successful business consultancy to organisations. Every single organisation – whether it be a multi-national, institution, small business or family unity – is undergoing constant and often dramatic change. Sometimes it is easy and comfortable. Most times it is not. Sometimes it is constructive and useful. Sometimes it is not. And unless it is handled well and responded to positively, it can easily become painful and destructive. Her own life story is powerful and motivational.

Her empowerment of others has been recognised by the highest awards from her peers and she is continually asked back by her clients. Catherine’s corporate history managing high performing sales teams in a tough environment, her background in national and international leadership, and a decade of expert business consulting provide a speaker who knows her stuff – and delivers it professionally! Catherine is high energy, motivated, warm and a powerful presenter, with amazing audience response and involvement. She delivers a dramatic impact on her audiences as she demonstrates how they can identify their strengths and inner power, empowering them with practical actions to achieve excellent in every aspect of their lives.


Sales – The Staggering success of the See through Salesperson
Leadership – Creating a Leadership Culture
Management – Managing an Empowered Workforce
Inspiration – The Meaning of Life – Get up and Grow
Performance Improvement
Teamwork – Bottling Team Spirit – Tactical Team Achievement
Change - Managing Chaos – Resilience, Release & Renewal
Turning Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones

Themed Presentations:
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The Teamwork Library
The Sales Library
The Change Library


‘You were magnificent. I have never seen such glowing comments and overall assessments for any other presenter at a PricewaterhouseCoopers function’ PriceWaterhouseCoopers‘Catherine would be the most refreshing woman speaker I have ever heard. Catherine shot from the hip, played it straight and delivered a lot’ AMP Society‘The response from the Dealers this morning has been overwhelming. The level of dedication, commitment and fun you provided in making this CR Conference a huge success was well above the call of duty and certainly beyond mere mortals!’ Toyota Motor Corporation, Australia