Zuza Scherer

Generation Y - "X-pert"

As a professional speaker she focuses on Generation Y, teaching companies how to get the best from their young workforce. Most Gen Y ‘experts’ talk about the ‘them and us’ phenomenon, and theorise about this generation’s thoughts and attitudes. Zuza doesn’t speak from theory, she knows about Gen Y because she IS Gen Y. She knows the topic from the inside out, she lives and breathes it, she understands their thinking, their ideas and their motivations because they are her own. In her keynote “Y’d Awake”, Zuza shares her insider’s knowledge of Gen Y, gives refreshing, honest and uncompromising truths about her generation and supplies her audience with relevant and up to date solutions to their Gen Y problems

Zuza took a long time to complete her MA. Unable to decide on her degree she kept jumping from Media Studies, through Management to Maori Studies, while committing all other Gen Y sins like moving in and out of the parental home and job hopping. “What a typical Gen Y!” some would say, but throughout this whole time Zuza was very focused on becoming a successful journalist, writer and professional speaker.
Zuzu has written for a number of New Zealand and overseas publications and become the New Zealand correspondent for Poland’s three largest magazines. After the huge success of her unique Polish, anonymous blogging website she has recently launched its English version, attracting hundreds of readers everyday. She has also been the presenter, scriptwriter, co-director and producer of popular TV documentaries and reports and has written and directed two plays, including the sell out success ‘The Meat Queue’.
If you think Gen Y’s are just those kids serving you at fast food restaurants then think again. Gen Y employees are everywhere, in call centers, travel agencies, recruitment companies and will be a growing proportion of your workforce. They are often highly technical and almost certainly will be the computer engineers who handle your company’s PC’s and computer networks. They are shaping and creating a new business reality for us all with their attitudes and ideas and they are the future of the Worlds workforce.
There has never been a generation like Gen Y. They don’t respond to the same managerial style like other employees, they don’t have the same work ethics and they don’t like the motivational approaches that the other generations like. Any company that wants to survive and prosper in the future has to become aware of these differences and learn how to grow and develop with these young men and women. Gen Y is a global phenomenon. The experiences of the last 9 years have put her on both sides of the divide - on one hand as a demanding, overconfident and unrealistic Gen Y employee, team-mate and student - on the other hand as a Director and Producer of TV and theatre projects and as Production Manager for The University of Auckland Summer Shakespeare, recruiting and managing fickle young staff. Zuza knows what she’s talking about when it comes to Generation Y and as a Gen Y herself she brings a sense of energy and enthusiasm to the conference program. Everyone in business has heard about Generation Y but only those who are serious about embracing the Gen Y mindset will be able to attract, retain and lead these young guns and in doing so they will gain a critical, competitive advantage in their industry. Only if a company gets to know and understand them will they be able to truly achieve business success in the future.
Zuza was recently invited to share her knowledge of the Gen Y mindset on NZ National Radio and she is currently in the process of writing a book about Generation Y. She speaks Polish, English and French and has an MA from the University of Auckland.


• Generation Y
• Y bother with Y – Generation Y employees in turbulent times
• Y’d Awake - beyond global crisis with Gen Y customers
‘Y’d Awake’ Keynote is every employer’s Gen Y manual. It provides them with an in-depth understanding of why Gen Y are the way they are and gives practical solutions on how to effectively attract, retain and make the most of Generation Y employees.
‘Y Bother?’ Keynote is for Gen Y employees. Not only does it help them to understand their more senior managers and team-mates, motivations and approaches, but it also puts them face to face with their own worse shortcomings (like impatience, demanding attitude or job hopping) that drive them and get in the way of achieving.


Zuza speaks with passion, energy and insights on the Generation Y. Her message and experience is thought provoking and relevant to everyone in business today.” Director, Great Spirit“
Generation Y are our kids, our employees and – heaven help us – our customers of the future. So what makes them tick? Zuza’s entertaining presentation offers an insight into what’s going on in the hearts and minds of this increasingly important market sector and provides the tools to help us connect with them.” Managing Director, Spot On Publications
Zuza speaks with an authentic voice at the cutting edge of the international generation Y.” Brand Manager, Southland NZ Spirit of a Nation
“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. You conveyed an important message in a way that was easy to understand and was interesting and informative as well as entertaining. In addition to being very well versed on this sensitive topic, it is obvious you continue to refine your presentation. I think what makes it an enjoyable presentation is that you bring a sense of energy and enthusiasm to the program. CEO NKBA - USA“
Zuza presented to an audience of 25+ retail pharmacy owners at our annual conference in August 2008. She focused on ensuring these owners understood the behaviours of their Gen Y staff and gave practical suggestions on how to get the best from these staff. Zuza was very professional in her presentation, was entertaining to listen to, provided a succinct written summary for attendees and integrated into conference social events. I would recommend Zuza highly as a professional speaker specializing in Gen Y” Pharmacybrands Ltd
“As an employer of at least 40 Gen Y graduates through to chartered accountants Stapes Rodway at times grapples with how to manage their diverse career paths. Zuza gave an insightful presentation of this modern phenomenon that is challenging so many employers. With English as her second language her delivery was both eloquent and humorous. We are already addressing many of the issues that Gen Y dictates but now have a greater understanding of these matters and of ways in which we can provide increased job satisfaction and staff retention for them” Client Advisory Services, Staples Rodway Ltd
“As a person who, as part of my role recruits new staff, I found your presentation to be really helpful and it made complete sense. As an aging manager it has reinforced my belief that these bright young people that our organization employs, should be valued. If this means putting things in place to maintain their enthusiasm and enabling them to realize their potential it will be worth the effort. What you said made a lot of sense and will be useful to me in the future. Many thanks." Auckland Regional Dental Service, Waitemata District Health Board