Allison Mooney CSP

Allison Mooney is an award winning speaker. She is a people interpreter, specialising in understanding people and personality types.

Allison shows organisations how in getting the best out of their people, they can achieve productivity and profit. Allison is an international speaker of vast experience.

Author of "Pressing the Right Buttons " ™ - a book about Fostering Intelligent Relationships

Regardless of what organisation we're in, the common thread is that we all deal with people. Transformation occurs when we understand and respect our differences.  

Having insight in the way we are wired in personality helps us to leap over the hurdles that confront us daily. It is the #1 issue in diminishing productivity. Allie will give us and easy understand tool to ‘read people' and give them what they need.

As a result this session will change the way you see others, and wished many years ago that you had learned how to “Press the Right Buttons", thus avoiding people challenges, both at work and home.

“She understands people like fishermen know their fish!”

This fun, fast paced mind-unzipping presentation will infuse in each attendee the desire to use the concepts of:

-    The 4 critical keys of influence effectively
•    Workout what makes people tick
•    Understand what they really want
•    See things as they see them. - Speed read them
•    Communicate in a way that makes them want to listen and respond.
•    Know what makes people engage in the workplace

As an Award winning Speaker and Author, she has won many prestigious speaking awards.
 - 3 x times Speaker of the Year
-  Most Inspirational Speaker
-  Most Humorous and Entertaining Speaker

... and her best-selling book Pressing the Right Buttons earned her “Author of the Year".

In 2009 she achieved one of the highest international accreditations in the speaking industry, the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) award held only by 12 other Kiwis and 750 speakers world- wide.
2018 she was awarded the Global Speaker’s Federation Fellow designation. Proving her ability to speak across, ethnicity, regions and cultures, having spoken at 80 international events in the past 6 years.
Prior to changing her career at 40 she Managed the First Class Lounge of Qantas International and the Frequent Flyers lounge of Ansett New Zealand.

Her corporate client list is vast including large organisations such as Fonterra, BNZ, Air New Zealand, IAG, Toyota, Drake International, Harcourt Real Estate, Fletchers Aluminium, House of Travel, A2 Milk, LawLink, Master Builders Association, Pfizer NZ, PGG Wrightsons, Arbonne, Paul Gaugin Cruises. Westfield Management, L’Oréal Professionals to name a few.

Her message brings understanding, unity, and social change and gives us clarity to navigate a way forward respecting our differences. It nudges us forward to receptive insight.
She describes herself as a "people interpreter’’ and has the Midas touch in being able to ‘speed read’ people, an essential skill both at home and at work.



"Allison’s presentation was captivating and engaging. The structure was clear, with appropriate opening and summary segments. In fact her wrap up, utilised an example from her business experience, that was one of the best I have ever heard in terms of cementing all the points she wished to convey and leaving the audience on a high note.  Allison comes across as passionate, energetic, dynamic and professional. Her use of humour really delighted our audience. She has a flamboyant style, that is delivered with a wonderful sense of audience engagement and consequently, Allison builds a solid rapport with an audience at an early stage. She is a highly skilled, warm and believable presenter".  Diana Parry, Marketing Manager, Chamber of Commerce Auckland

"I am writing to say how much I enjoyed your recent seminar in Kaitaia.  The seminar was entertaining and informative and has given me a new way of looking at both business and personal relationships". Marie Berghan, Manager Personal Banking, The National Bank

"Allison was passionate about her subject and held everyone’s attention.  We would class her as an excellent speaker with the ability to communicate clearly and enthusiastically". John Widdup, Director, Westfield NZ

"I have yet to experience a speaker with the same sincerity, empathy and humour as Allison.  With her knowledge and experience of individual personality types, Allie has taken customer service and the understanding of business and personal relationships to a whole new level, which is unsurpassed by any other presenter in this country.   Allie has a vibrancy and presence, which is apparent before she has even stepped on the stage.  She is already prepared to speak to the audience in their own preferred language, using the Personality Plus principles.  Clearly practising what she preaches.  This is all due to her incredible skill in understanding people and their needs.  It is this talent which she has packaged into a highly entertaining and motivating presentation.  This is information and skills every person should learn to utilise in their personal and professional lives.  Some comments from the audience:

“Ali you rock!!”  Your courage and honesty is inspiring”

“Personality Profiles – help me to understand clients better”

“Allison had so much passion on her topic and we all went away from her session on a high”

“Reminder of the importance of people”

“Awesome, positive, energetic!”

“Allie…helping to understand myself and others”

“Allie a great presenter!”

It is clearly evident to us from feedback and the incredible positive response to her training sessions that Allison Mooney is one of NZ’s outstanding presenters.  She inspires, motivates and empowers her audiences.  She has integrity and humour, and her presentations and workshops should be taught to every employee and business owner". Rebecca Matthews, Managing Director, Women in Business New Zealand Limited.

"The work by Allison and the Personality Profiling has taken hold and we  are now planning to use the material in future team meetings, so the good work continues. More importantly perhaps, those with staff are taking into consideration the preferred feedback mechanism as part of their mentoring and management approaches.  It was a challenging informative and fun experience".  Lori Grantham, Manager Business Development, Telstra New Zealand

"Thank you for the Team Building Day your ran for me and my team.  I have been with Carter Holt Harvey over 11 years now and out of the numerous exercises I have been on, this one was the best hands down. I couldn’t fault your presentation or speech and this is probably why I am taking the time to write to you (something I don’t normally do). Full credit to your professionalism.  I’m positive with the day my team and I spent with yourself, we along with my company will benefit.  Actually I can already say that both my home and working life has already improved".  Grant Crackett,  Manager – Design, Carter Holt Harvey

"The session was informative, amusing, and the points were clear.  Identifying the personality of the client one is working with helps in selling into that personality rather than out of your own.  Not only was this seminar beneficial to the Consultants work environment in a retail situation, but could be directed to their own relationships at home." Kathryn Ockelford, Manager Training and Promotions, Shiseido

"Allie - that was a suuuuuuuuuuuuperb presentation.  The success of a presentation is often reflected by the number of questions and the "hangers on" who want to keep buzzing. You certainly wowed them.  Expect lots of leads from it - I have already recommended to my guys here that we need a session with you !  Russell Toplis, Rotary Youth Leadership