Martz Witty

Martz is the answer to all small business groups looking for humour, inspiration and real value techniques that work.

He uses real life examples to show the things that work and the things that don't work. Martz gives great take home value.

Martz originally wanted to be a motor mechanic but failing to gain an apprenticeship on leaving school he ended up studying business at the local Polytechnic on his father’s advice. Seven (part-time) years later Martz emerged a fully qualified Chartered Accountant although he has never quite fitted the stereotypical mould – and still fails to do so! “With a name like Witty, maybe I was destined to entertain”, he says.

Martz career spans small and large chartered accounting firms, an 11 member group in the timber industry and an 11 member group in finance and furniture manufacture. This ‘true life’ commercial experience has contributed much to Martz’ success in business and in the advice he gives.

Martz has owned some 8 businesses and currently lives in Christchurch whilst working around the country and overseas.

If it can happen to you in business it most probably has to him, from hostile takeovers and tragic investments to unmotivated staff and failing systems. These days Martz works with businesses nationwide, sharing successes and learning experiences.

Many experiences are shared in his talks as he unfolds the strategies of success and failure. His humorous approach to hard topics such as business development, sales, taxation, tenders and public speaking leaves his audiences comfortable receiving massive content and having been entertained along the way. May 2007 saw the release of his first book in a series of four titled, “Hit the road running! – Gain more customers of the kind you want to have.”

Martz chooses to continue running his own professional speaking and consultancy business. Martz is a regular presenter at conferences and events on how to grow businesses and his true life stories keep audience participants spellbound and safe in the knowledge that Martz walks his talk.

Martz is a past National President of National Speakers Association of New Zealand and is an Accredited Professional Speaker within this Association. He is also an active member of the Christchurch Chapter of the National Speakers Association of New Zealand. Martz is also President of Christchurch Business SWAP (Salespeople With A Purpose).


  • Business
  • After Dinner
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Facilitator

Hit The Road Running! - Gain more customers of the kind you want.  Hear how an experienced business developer shares his business growth and coaching secrets. An in depth review of just one of the four ways to grow any business based on Martz first book Hit The Road Running! 

Explosive Growth – 4 Ways to Grow Your Business.  Learn there are only 4 ways to grow any business.  Hear how to apply each method to your own business through this keynote presentation packed full of practical examples and tips.

Staying Positive In A Not-So-Positive Environment *NEW*  A humorous (often after dinner) presentation.  Its delivery is light-hearted but is underpinned with a very strong message - ideal as an interlude during a professional conference or equally so as a stand-alone presentation. 

It's Just A Stage.  A humorous presentation on how to cope in speaking when thing's go custard - a potpourri of true stories on how Martz dealt with what some would see as a catastrophe.

Wealth Creation - How to get and keep what you want!.  Money talks! Does yours say 'goodbye'? A practical presentation on how to get ahead in life today.

Self Success - How to Be and Do what you want.  Useful tips on bettering yourself, your home life and business life.

Effective Goal Getting.  Learn the 10 steps to achieving all that you want and how to maintain the success.

Radical Business Techniques.  The little 'outside of the square' tactics that make a huge difference. Discover client differentiation, determine your style and how to blow the socks off your competitors and clients.

Love My Tender... (Pick My Quote).  Another practical business orientated keynote on the very fundamental business of submitting tenders and what you can do to increase the likelihood of success. Learn how to stand out in a crowd together with insight into knowing how to price yourself to be competitive yet still make a profit.

Tax Minimisation and Trusts (Creative Compliance - Lessons in Less Tax).  A light-hearted yet practical review of how to organise your business affairs in such a way as to maximise your returns, minimise your tax and provide the most protection for your business and life-style assets.

Avoid the Charisma Bypass - How to inject FUN into every day.  A light-hearted presentation with a punchy message... learn the 6 tips that we learnt through the school of hard knocks.

Determine your "Unique Core Differentiator".  At last a session that you leave with some cold hard personal facts about how you can be different in the business world today. The focus is on HOW not WHAT to do in achieving the definition of your point of difference.

Image Projection / First Impressions ... Last.  Excellent for new employees entering a workplace. It's a broad once-over-lightly about the importance of image both self and corporate and we throw in some role-plays and tips too.

Tailormade Presentation.  With a wealth of experience in Accounting and Business Development, Martz is happy to tailor any presentation just for you.


"On behalf of NZDHA, I would like to thank you for coming to our Annual Conference last weekend and being our opening speaker and MC at the Saxy Blues dinner. I always feel that the first to make a presentation at a conference sets the tone for the event and you broke the ice for us and got us off to a great start. I hope that we may be able to call upon you again sometime in the future and in the meantime, I shall enjoy reading your book and passing it on through the association."   NZ DENTAL HYGIENISTS ASSN, MELANIE SPENCE, CONFERENCE CO-ORDINATOR

"Martz Witty recently spoke at the Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand (IBANZ) conference. He ran two workshops for delegates on "Creating Demand - an experienced business developer, shares his coaching secrets". IBANZ found Martz to be very professional in his approach, engaging the audience with his enthusiasm and unique style of presentation. The message was delivered with confidence and in such a way as to ensure everyone could relate it to their own personal circumstances. We have subsequently promoted another series of seminars being run around the country by Martz and would consider him for future seminars for our members."  IBANZ INC, GARY YOUNG, CEO

On October 2012, Martz recently created and presented his workshop  title  "Understanding the Numbers", aimed at helping financial advisers understand and interpret financial statements so they could better understand and identify opportunities for on-going risk management of their clients. Martz was able to convey this understanding to the advisers in a manner that was easily comprehensible and provided a number of real-life examples that, mixed with Martz's breed of humour, really struck a chord on what can potentially be a very dry topic!  Martz was a big hit with the audience, so much so that we are now working on a 'Part Two' seminar to take the advisers understanding the next level.  I have no hesitation in recommending Martz to anyone looking for an informative, educational presenter with a wealth of business experience, who has the ability to convey his message to a wide variety of audience members.  FIDELITY LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY LTD, KARL MORAN, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER

“…it always comes with great delight to hear of the fantastic work you are doing in your workshops…you are one of our most entertaining and informative speakers we have"  THE SMALL BUSINESS COMPANY LTD, GLEN SENIOR, MANAGING DIRECTOR

"We were let down at the last minute by a keynote speaker from UK, and your positive and enthusiastic response to a call from us to step into the breach was welcomed with delight. Your presentation … was entertaining, humorous, but with a serious message, and was received with delighted applause from our conference delegates.   The reception was so sincere, that your following scheduled Workshop presentation became suddenly very popular, and … delegates were lining up outside to participate. We allowed enough extra people in to fill the ‘standing room only’ area, but many were turned away through lack of space. This shows that the messages you have to give and your method of presentation is very valuable."  COMBINED INDUSTRY CONFERENCE, CORINNE MOORE, CONFERENCE ORGANISER

It has been great working with Martz on a regular basis with my business. He is a master at steering my thinking, bringing in so many well tested and proven ideas as well as moments of genius he manages to make look effortless.  After just a short period of coaching my goals went from ambitious to outrageous! Inspiring!  HOME STYLE HOME PRESENTATION LTD, JENNIFER MANSON