Brett Rutledge

Brett Rutledge is one of (if not the) best Master of Ceremonies, facilitators and corporate entertainers in Australasia. Owner of 200 impersonations, Brett is insightful, hugely entertaining and previous World Champion of Public Speaking. Amazing!

Few speakers offer the dynamic versatility of Brett Rutledge and the ability to be equally effective in both the business speaking and entertainment roles. Brett has a separate profile for his public speaking

One of Australia’s top ten Masters of Ceremony, Brett is probably the best when it comes to combining entertainment and serious business input.

With years of business consulting and management behind him, Brett knows that the success of any event rests heavily on the effort and dedication of the person fronting it. This means being much more than a mere mouthpiece. It means research into the requirements of the organisers and the sponsors; it means careful preparation and attention to detail; it means being prepared to offer any and all assistance required to ensure that your event runs smoothly and to plan.

As an MC, Brett uses his intelligence to impeccably link the program together and his wit and comic talent to keep the audience thoroughly enthralled.
As a Facilitator, Brett controls and encourages his charges with an insightful humour that brings out the very best of any panel or discussion.
Billed as the most fun you will ever have being serious, Brett is the MC/Facilitator of choice for many of Australia’s biggest and brightest organisations.


On Business

Brett draws upon his own extensive consulting experience across a broad range of industries to comment with hilarious insight on a multitude of business topics. Sales, management, leadership, teamwork and other topical business issues are laid bare by a wry wit and surprising examples of what you always knew to be true but were afraid to say out loud! Two Keynote presentations include:

‘In The Minds of Champions’
In every field of endeavour we have always heard about the “top two inches” being the difference between success and failure. More than physical ability, skills, knowledge or aptitude it is the brain and how it works under pressure that ultimately makes the difference between champion and also-ran. The question is… what is happening in the “top two inches”?

How does a champion think?

What goes through their mind before and during a challenge, compared to a regular person?

When two people are competing at the same level of skill, talent and experience this is what will separate the two at the end of the day.

But merely copying a champion will not get you there nor will simply embracing similar techniques.

There is more to being a champion than simply engaging in similar behaviour. How does the champion know what behaviour is the right one for them? How does the champion know what technique is the correct one to employ? How does the champion know in what field they can excel? Why do they seem to get so much right where many of us seem only capable of getting so much wrong? The answers are not found in any examination of those techniques, behaviours or choices; the answers are found in the thinking that goes on behind them – the top two inches.

Most champions’ thought patterns are characterised by 4 key components that separate them from the masses. What is surprising is that three of them are common to the masses and crucial in achieving any kind of success whether it is sporting, business or life. It is only when combined with the elusive fourth quality that a champion is born!

“In The Minds of Champions” is an entertaining and authoritative presentation that delves in to the top two inches of the worlds best performers and reveals the 4 key components that drive their success while examining the links to performance, leadership and management.

‘The Business of Like-Minded People’
We call them Stakeholders. The strange beings that populate the business environment are Stakeholders and we are all card-carrying members of this group. We are told we are important, even vital to the success of every organization. Even though we are all members of the same group we contribute differently and are given different labels to reflect that unique contribution. Some of us are Customers


"Brett was highly professional, very easy to work with. He was incredibly witty and entertaining and yet serious when the session demanded. We would have no hesitation in recommending Brett for any MC roles. More than met our expectations." Robyn Gosden IBANZ
“We have started receiving evaluations from the AMP Annual Convention and the feedback on Brett is unanimously saying: "Bring him back next year!" Michelle Menken, Australian Business Theatre
“We couldn’t have had a better MC. An MC who can entertain, yet have a complete grasp on issues from economic management to media exposure is extremely rare.” Marjorie McLaine, Nursery & Garden Industry Victoria
“Amazing!! Brett brought the conference sessions to life. He is so professional and approachable, and just knows his stuff so well. The Chairman’s Dinner was first class and his ability to read people and situations and take the room where they need to go was awesome!” Michael Dempsey, IGA