Robyn Pearce CSP

Robyn Pearce is a Time Management Specialist

Robyn Pearce sparks contributions from tired conference delegates, provides a welcome relief from ‘death by PowerPoint’, energises them, helps them believe they can win their time battles, and gives them specific and practical strategies they can apply immediately.

Clients today demand practical content their people can immediately apply. Robyn fits this brief perfectly. Audiences constantly say, ‘That was the most practical session on the agenda – I could have listened to you for hours. What’s more, I’ve immediately put some things into practice and they really work!’ She builds rapport with audiences very quickly and specialises in interaction – within minutes they feel as though she really understands their problems.

Her relaxed down-to-earth and interactive style makes her the perfect solution for an afternoon convention slot or an interactive training session.

Current Offering – Speeches, Workshops, extended Training Modules and Coaching:
Getting a Grip on Time’ – a range of speech and workshop titles around time management and productivity
Life Balance, from a practical ‘what we can do about it’ perspective
From Gumboots to the Boardroom' (From welfare beneficiary to successful author and international speaker – a motivational journey liberally sprinkled with learning points.)
Clear the Clutter and de-stress yourself – as well as those messy offices!
Goalsetting Workshops using Robyn’s powerful LifeMap workbook to help people discover WHAT their goals are (the issue many struggle with in regards to goals).

Prolific Best-Selling Author:
‘Getting a Grip on Time’; ‘Getting a Grip on Life – Goals Toolkit’; ‘Getting a Grip on the Paper War – Managing information in the modern office’; ‘Getting a Grip on Leadership – how to learn leadership without making all the mistakes yourself’, with LaVonn Steiner, US leadership specialist; ‘About Time – 120 Tips for Those with No Time’; ‘About Time for Teaching – 120 time-saving tips for teachers and those who support them!’, and more in the pipeline

Audiences Who Constantly Use Robyn:
Organisations in growth mode. Symptoms – teams with uneven prioritising skills, poor work/life balance, creeping inefficiencies, too much to do and/or who feel under-resourced.
Professional services – accountants, lawyers, financial industry. Education sector – has worked with teachers for over 14 years Associations, small to medium business owners, sales-based organisations
Agriculture – farm membership groups, suppliers
Government and public sector

Follow Up Opportunities:
Training modules, one-on-one coaching, online courses, books and audios.

About Robyn: In the 80s she was a burnt out real estate agent and poor time manager. Today this mother of 6 and grandmother of 10, having conquered her own time challenges, works with clients around the globe helping them solve their time problems.
She’s one of less than 10% of speakers worldwide to hold the highest professional speaking accreditation – Certified Speaking Professional and July 2006 - July 2007 was World President, International Federation for Professional Speakers – the body representing professional speaking associations worldwide. She also holds New Zealand’s top speaking award, ‘Spirit of Excellence’.


Getting a Grip on Time’ - Keynote or Interactive Speech/Workshop

Alternate titles include: ‘How to Work Smart, Not Hard’; ‘Tap Dancing With Time Challenges’; How To Do More With Less - Time Saving Tips To Grow Your (name the industry) Business’
Time management skills should be commonsense, but many people struggle - and so their work/life balance suffers. It’s rarely taught in school or university and yet the way we use our time, deal with our time challenges, prioritise, plan, delegate and communicate is critical to success in all areas of our life. The major quality that separates outstandingly successful and happy people from stressed and struggling souls is the way they make choices in life - hour by hour and day by day.

This is a very powerful and practical session – your audience gets the chance to solve their specific problems. In today's flat-out busy world we rarely take time to discuss and brainstorm solutions to everyday time-stealers. In fact, the majority of the answers are within the minds and experience of the group. Robyn skilfully taps both the questions and the knowledge of the audience: they walk away buzzing with enthusiasm, hope and action plans.

Apart from regular time management concerns such as planning and prioritising, topics often asked for by the audience include:

How to run an effective meeting Better delegation What systems can be improved in the company, and how More effective use of email How to improve your work/home balance and have a better quality of life.

‘Getting a Grip on Work/Life Balance’ - Keynote or Interactive Speech/Workshop

Learn, laugh and be revitalised with a fresh perspective on how to enjoy a better quality of life and at the same time be more productive, have less stress and make more money. Discover the best of the best from around the world in time management knowledge and research, and how to apply it to the hot topic of work/life balance. Your participants will enjoy Robyn’s blend of commonsense, humour and practical illustrations gleaned from both her personal experiences and those of her clients.

‘From Gumboots to the Boardroom’ – Keynote
Robyn shares her journey from early years as a librarian, then raising 6 children on an isolated sheep-station in Northland, New Zealand, through welfare aid as a single mother, part-time government-assisted work, through to being a top-selling real estate agent. In 1992 she became a business owner. Since then she has three times set up a speaking and training business in two countries, starting each time from scratch with an entertaining variety of ‘learning experiences’. As her reputation as an eminently practical and easy-to-listen-to speaker on time management-related matters has spread, it has led her to many boardrooms and conference centres around the globe. She will delight your audience with her practical and humorous journey.

‘You Too Can Win the Paper War’ - Interactive Speech/Workshop

‘Every piece of paper or information lying around is a symptom of de


“We’ve had great feedback. Your pragmatism is so appealing. Simple things to focus on that don’t require a new regime of behaviour. It was relevant to the whole of life - simple, practical actions for work, and our precious leisure time. My secretary and I have had many discussions. She’s reading ‘Getting a grip on time’ on the bus - keeps coming in to work and quoting bits to me! What we both like, is how easy it is to read and take in, and so very down to earth.”
Institute of Chartered Accountants, New Zealand.

“I’ve “been around” long enough to be a bit ho-hum about “organise yourself” seminars. I have been to time management seminars, read books and listened to tapes so I “agonised” (procrastinated!) for some time before enrolling. I enjoyed your session. More than that, it was money and time well spent. I gave the seminar 5 stars for everything. You are relaxed, competent and comfortable with your subject and you certainly got a bunch of “reserved accountants” participating very well.”
Marley Loft Ltd, New Zealand.

“I estimate that our teams have become at least 10% more efficient since doing your programme. Everyone is more aware of other people’s time needs, but now we wonder how other divisions with messy desks operate!”
Road Transport Authority, NSW, Australia.

“Now several months later and my productivity has increased between 30% and 50%. I’m seeing more and better clients, almost 90% proactive. I’m starting around 8am, leaving by 6pm and spend sleep hours asleep. Now there’s an innovation.”
IPAC, Sydney

“Your time management seminars are one of the best things we’ve ever done. Weeks later staff are still discussing the sessions and how their organisational skills have improved. Not only has it lifted productivity, but also boosted morale.”