Peter Hillary

Peter Hillary is a powerful and dynamic speaker. Like his adventures his presentations are inspiring, exciting and full of lessons for business today.

Peter Hillary is a powerful and dynamic speaker. Like his adventures his presentations are inspiring, exciting and full of lessons for business today.

There is nothing more inspirational than a great adventure. And the name Hillary is synonymous with adventure.

Peter is a powerful and dynamic speaker who takes his audience with him: summiting Mt Everest; feeding and filming a pod of sharks or making a terrifying descent of a vast vertical rock face in a vicious storm. He ably connects these dramatic achievements to the challenges faced by individuals and teams striving for excellence in their own fields.

Like his late father, Sir Edmund Hillary, Peter has climbed Mt Everest and has reached the South Pole overland; widely recognised as two of the most significant accomplishments in the world of adventuring and exploration. He has a wealth of stories to tell from a lifetime of high adventure, including over 30 alpine expeditions on mountains throughout the world.

Despite the high-risk nature of his expeditions, it is often acknowledged that one of his greatest strengths is his sound judgement: he has mastered the art of balancing risk with caution; stretching boundaries, but knowing limits.

His presentations combine humour and heart-stopping excitement with practical applications, relevant to the client’s requirements. They are supported by superb visuals and video footage.

Peter is an adventure travel operator and guide specialising in the Himalayas and Antarctica. He guided then Qantas CEO James Strong on Mt Vinson in Antarctica and entrepreneur Dick Smith up Carstenz Pyramid in Irian Jaya. He holds a commercial pilot’s license for fixed wing aircraft. He is the author of seven books.

Peter is a member of the Himalayan Trust, an organisation founded by his father to assist the local people of the Mount Everest region, they have built and run 42 schools, hospitals and medical clinics. Peter has taken over 1,000 teenagers to assist with construction work on some of these and other community projects.


“Climb Your Own Everest” “To the Ends of the Earth” or“K2 Crisis: Survive…& Thrive”“The Challenge of Change”


“Words won’t even come close to expressing how deeply you touched the lives of 155 people at our company kickoff. You so eloquently intertwined humor into the tales of your expeditions, and your descriptions made us feel as though we were right there with you. We will not forget your words of wisdom and amazing experiences.”Top Layer Networks, USA

“He went way above and beyond by personally autographing the 500 atlases we presented to our customers. The more than 500 guests at the Customer event in Atlanta enjoyed the exciting account of Peter’s adventures. He actually delivered the presentation twice because the theater could not accommodate in one sitting all of the attendees who were very anxious to see and hear Peter.”Lucent Technologies

“From beginning to end, Peter’s talk and interaction with our audience was wonderful. He was without question one of the two best speakers we have ever had the pleasure of hosting during the sixteen years our Society has been meeting – the other being Peter’s father”Sir Edmund Hillary. Worcester Foundation, USA

“I wanted to thank you personally for speaking at our 3rd Annual Fuel Cell Conference last week in Cooperstown, New York. The strong personal examples that you highlighted during your presentation were not only inspiring, but gave us valuable metaphors which we referred to during the balance of the conference.”Plug Power

“He was sensational, and it would be difficult to find a more appropriate speaker for our sales team to learn about commitment and discipline.”Salmat Letterbox Delivery Services

“Not surprisingly, your address was rated the highest - with an average of 9.1 out of 10.”Queensland Association of Permanent Building Societies