Billy Graham

Billy Graham is New Zealand’s best-loved motivator and fitness advisor. He is bold, bouncy and brimming over with energy and enthusiasm.

Billy Graham's presentations are 'punchy', 'lively' and 'fun'. He is full of energy and his humourous presentations are always memorable.

Billy Graham has spent a lifetime involved in sport and physical fitness. A former New Zealand and Australasian light welterweight boxing champion he has achieved success through goal setting and determination.

Billy delights in telling stories of his own life to show that anyone can make it. Having left school unable to read or write Billy took up butchering and later taught physical education. He eventually started his own business and some of his talents were recognised when he appeared on Television New Zealand’s programme “Made in New Zealand”, which featured successful New Zealand companies. Billy has designed a unique fitness product complete with endorsements from the US Airforce Academy and Floyd Patterson – ex world heavy weight champion. No small achievement for a dyslexic who left school at 14!

Now in constant demand as a speaker at conferences and business functions, Billy has extensive experience delivering keynote presentations in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and the UK. In June 1997 he was the main platform speaker at the Million-Dollar Round Table Convention in Atlanta, a New Zealand first, and received a standing ovation from an audience of 5,000. This resulted in Billy again being featured on television, this time on ‘60 Minutes’. In 1998 Billy had his motivational memoir, ‘Your Ship Came In The Day The Doctor Smacked Your Bum’, published. It reached No.1 bestseller on New Zealand’s business book list.

Billy’s life-time dream has been to train youth to become champion boxers, with the desire to also develop champion people. In January 2006 Billy’s established his own Boxing Academy in Treadwell Street, Naenae and is already having a significant impact on a supportive community. His gym has featured in Hutt magazines and newspapers, on TV1 Sports News, the ‘Good Morning’ show, and in the Dominion Post. Approximately 100 local youth train regularly at Billy’s gym where he is imparting the message of combining a healthy body with a healthy attitude. They can be anything they want to be if they don’t break the rules.

Billy stresses the importance of combining a healthy body with a healthy attitude and making the very best of every opportunity. Billy puts this into practice every day of his life. Most importantly he loves people and delights in sharing his zest for living with others, whether they are business executives or school children. His warm and enthusiastic presentation inspires his audience by challenging their outlook and increasing their potential. In 2011 Billy Graham was named Local Hero in the Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year.

Billy Graham is also a lively & humorous After Dinner Speaker. Choose from a range of topics including Confessions of a Butcher, Stories of Boxing Legends or Tales of Billy's Humorous Journey into Guest Speaking.

Whether your client would like a workshop that incorporates a fitness and health component using Billy's skipping ropes and a fun lesson on how to play the harmonica, or a combination of his keynotes delivered in the one message with an emphasis on overcoming adversity in today's market, Billy will tailor-make presentations to fit their specific ambitions and aspirations for their event.

We know your client will be absolutely delighted with Billy's performance and his presentations will certainly add value and dynamics to their event!



  • Motivation: ‘Make it Happen’ with Billy the Kid - Billy’s life story; motivational, get your attitude right, make the most of yourself and every opportunity.
  • Health & Fitness: ‘Healthy Living Made Simple is about the right food to eat, how to exercise, and how to sort out the best lifestyle for you and your family. Billy is a genius at all this! Energy unleashes energy and has a large impact on performance.
  • Health & Safety: 'Keep Your Guard Up and Enjoy The Journey'.  If you break the rules you do pay the price. A practical down-to-earth message on how to be safe in the workplace.
  • Sales and Marketing: ‘I’ll Never Stop Selling!’.  Build that relationship with commitment and enthusiasm. Billy will motivate even the most experienced salesperson to get back there and take more money out of people’s pockets.
  • Overcoming Adversity: ‘Getting Up Off The Canvas’ is about how to handle the adversities you face in life. Facing your fear and being in charge.
  • Stress Management: 'Life Is For Living' The importance of knowing yourself, and knowing your own limits and needs.


  • Teamwork – getting the best out of your workmates, how to enjoy your day while still achieving
  • Energy Unleashes Energy – simple workout using Billy’s fitness products. Billy can answer individual questions about health/fitness issues during this session.
  • Stress Management - don't take yourself too seriously, realise the hero that's within
  • Team Workshops that include management, brainstorming, thinking outside the square
  • Individual Planning Workshop – writing out and committing to goals
  • Sales Training – building relationships effectively, motivating even the most experienced sales people
  • Family Conference – family goal setting


"Billy energised the attendees, lifted the mood and added positivity. They loved him!"  Land Transport Safety Authority

"His presentation was very enjoyable and motivational. A down to earth, very approachable guy".  Gracelands Group of Services

"Billy exceeded my expectations by being more dynamic, versatile and more endearing to the audience than I could have hoped for. The audience reaction was excellent, even the most cynical warmed to his infectious humour. He gave everyone a life, blew out the cobwebs and set the tone for the rest of the day". Ampol New Zealand

"Billy's presentation exceeded expectation. This man is truly extraordinary and an inspiration to anyone who draws breath. He gave us a severe workout of the abdominal and laughter muscles".  Tourism Wellington

"Billy’s talk was amusing, entertaining, and interesting, motivating and inspirational. His love of life and of people was evidenced in both his talk and the interactions with people before and after. Both staff and alumni really enjoyed the events. I would use Billy again and commend him to others – particularly when needing an inspirational speaker, that speaks from the heart. Your enthusiasm for life has certainly made an impression on me ... it was an experience I won’t forget for a while." New Holland, Australia

"Billy’s presentation definitely met my expectations. The first time I’ve ever seen teachers give anyone a standing ovation! It’s going to be difficult to find someone as good for next year’s conference!" Kip McGrath Education Centre

"Billy was SUPERB!! People are still buzzing and some have tried telling their families about the highlights but the families think that there must have been some funny pills involved to come home so wired up! Outstanding reaction to a great hour and the boss is talking about using you in Oz. Can’t get a better reaction than that." Rabobank

"Thank you for playing a large part in making our Sales Conference a great success. The feedback has been unanimously very positive. All were pleasantly surprised that your presentation was such fun and contained many valid points to consider ...  I was looking for a guest speaker to inspire, motivate, enthuse, and challenge my staff’s way of thinking. You surpassed my objectives!" TV3Network Services

"Very positive feedback received –‘best motivational speaker I’ve heard’, ‘my week was quite depressing until Thursday when I saw Billy’. Have recommended Billy for the Telecom Sales Conference." Telecom New Zealand

"Billy was very engaging and relative to our conference attendees. He had researched our Company and tailored his message to suit. Staying after the session to engage with our licensees was very much appreciated by everyone. Comments made by Billy during the session were repeated throughout the weekend which is a good indication the level of interest was high" Glenda Brown eHaus

"Billy was extremely well received by attendees. As our Conference closing speaker he was entertaining, thought provoking and inspiring all at the same time. He had a real story to tell with some carefully worded messages about how you can go on to achieve almost anything with the right guidance, tenacity and not to let negativity hold you back.  Billy stayed on to mingle with our delegates at the evening function where they really appreciated the chance to chat with him further about the work that he does and his story"  Plastics New Zealand